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AGORA - Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives is a cooperative effort of over eighty lovers of aromatherapy from throughout the world. Wide range of indepth information.

Alternative's Advisor Newsletter - An informative and entertaining newsletter describing practical uses of essential oils.

Amateur Aromatherapy - content-rich noncommercial site, filled with information, amusingly presented. The webmaster has a sense of humour. Check out his destressing subpage for a smile.

Aromasense - Aromatherapy and massage, IIHHT Diploma course work: a site for health care practitioners or education workers with an interest in special children or learning disabilities.

Aromatherapy - Australian site offering information on the sense of smell, how aromatherapy works, essential and carrier oils, some blending recipes, and safety information.

Aromatherapy - Aldred's Aromatic Apothecary - A light-hearted approach to aromatherapy and reflexology.

Aromatherapy @ Suite101 - Aromatherapy guide which includes a weekly column by Marie Anakee, messageboard, polls, links, etc.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Information on aromatherapy and essentials oils including which oils to avoid while pregnant.

Aromatherapy For ADHD and Autism In Children - Information on aromatherapy for ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders and stressed out parents. Also general information about aromatherapy and essential oils

Aromatherapy Information - Information on safe and appropriate use of the oils, hydrosols, carrier oils types, which oil to choose under what conditions, childcare and skincare information, methods of use, scent blending for perfumery.

Aromatherapy, Michel Vanhove's International aromatherapy pages - Aromatherapy, International- Informative, multilingual site in Belgium. Visit his pages about distillation for a broader understanding of where these healing oils come from.

Aromatherapy Publications & Training Services UK - Martin Watt, British expert on botanical products safety, shares information on the safe and effective use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy Recipes - Recipes and blends for baths, skincare, massage, etc.

Aromatic Essence - Aromatherapy LINKS - Informational and helpful links for aromatherapy, essential oils, carrier oils, aromatherapy schools and careers, including descriptions and recipes.

Aromatic Plant Project - Organization to promote the use of American aromatherapy products. Jeanne Rose's pet project.

AromaTours - Aromatic Journeys Worldwide - Unique journeys that explore the world of Aroma and Aromatherapy. Destinations include Drome, Provence and Dordogne in southern France, Turkey, tropical Bali and Australia. Educational adventures for those fascinated by fragrance.

AromaWeb - Articles, recipes, synergies, book reviews, site reviews, etc., concerning aromatherapy. Ed note: Outstanding noncommercial information site.

Birch Hill Happenings - This site has information about the therapeutic uses of aromatherapy and plant essences

Essential Aromas - A good starting point for those interested in Aromatherapy. This site offers description of many oils, blends and practical uses for aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Directory - An comprehensive essential oil directory that describe the plant names, botanical name, geographical source, description, and usage information, as well as usage warnings. Excellent information source.

Essential Oil University - Essential oil databases and "oil of the month". Database requires paid membership

Essential Oils of India - A wonderful site giving information about rare and precious aromatics traditionally produced in India. History, culture,and a wealth of truly unusual links.

FDA/CFSAN Cosmetics--Aromatherapy - Statement from the FDA regarding government regulation of essential oils and aromatherapy products and claims made about such products.

The Guide to Aromatherapy - Excellent non-commercial site. Detailed information on each essential oil, extensive reading list, lists of links. A good starting point.

Hotline to the Limbic System - The history of scent and the beginnings of aromatherapy.

Inner Self - Information on herbs, aromatherapy, and essential oils.

The Kevala Centre: Aromatherapy - A comprehensive guide to aromatherapy. Containing information about aromatherapy, essential oils, massage blends.

The knows nose-Aromatherapy - Amateur homepage sharing the owner's love of aromatherapy, experience gained on her aromatic journey.

The Light House - Links to Aromatherapy Research

Positive Health - Interesting and fairly scholarly educational articles about research projects, quality standards, etc.

A Positive View with Aromatherapy - Interesting article about the possibilities of aromatherapy in modern day Japanese culture.

Psyche's Garden - Aromatherapy for survivors of child abuse, incest, emotional abuse, domestic violence. Features links, essential oil profiles, tips on safety, quality, blending, usage, and more.

Soothing Essentials - Information on essential oils, beauty tips, blending tips and ear candles.

StudyWeb:Aromatherapy - StudyWeb offers an array of information and links about aromatherapy and other holistic modalities.

Tiger Lil's Aromatherapy - Site includew properties of essential oils, recipes for blends, and links to herbal information.