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Financial Information for Assistive Technology Funding

Abledata - database of assistive products.

Home Modification Action Project - resource for the elderly or disabled to increase the availability and access of home modifications.

Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center - services related to seating and positioning, augmentative and alternative communication, computer access, funding, and training.

Illinois Assistive Technology Project - training and information on funding and advocacy related to AT. Includes publications, technotes, techtalk, and legislative information pipeline.

Rehabilitation Engineering Center - LPCH

SUITE - a Norwegian project for gathering and distributing information in the field of assistive computer devices for the disabled.

TechACCESS - central information, referral, and demonstration center for assistive technology, offering technology solutions for people with disabilities.

Tools for Life - raising awareness about assistive technology for persons with disabilities.

Vermont C.A.T.S. - information about assistive technology in Vermont and around the country