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Death and Dying 

Death Quotes - Quotations about death, dying, abortion, assassination, funerals, graves, killing, murder, suicide, and other pleasantly morbid topics.

Growth House  - Resources for bereavement and grief, death and dying, death with dignity, euthanasia, hospice, palliative care, suicide, terminal illness, AIDS, HIV, and related topics.

Death and Dying In the News  

Death and Dying - An upbeat, up-front approach to dealing with death and loss. 

Death and Dying Grief Support - Provides information, chat, free experts, games, and an upbeat approach to dealing with the loss of a loved one, friend, pet, or partner.

Project on Death in America  

Death and Dying of the Human - Project offering students the opportunity to understand the dying, their needs and environment. - Aging - Information on strokes, osteoporosis, arthritis, growth hormone deficiency, Alzheimer's disease, death and dying, and palliative care.

The Sociology of Death and Dying  

Death and Dying - Near Death Experience information, stories, frequently asked questions, message boards, and experts.

Death & Dying: Widows & Widowers Newsletters

Death and Dying  

A Near Death Experience Beyond the Veil  

Euthanasia - Death and Dying Net Links  

Death and Dying  Links for the grieving widow, widower, child, teen and adult. 

Grief & Dying Book Store - Comprehensive guide to books on grief, death, and bereavement, includes informative book reviews and links to related sites.

A comparison of risks

Passages helps people facing death, their own or a loved one's