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Adventure in Awareness  

Depression - Challenge the Beast within Yourself and Win

Depression -- The Mining Company - Includes ADA links, chat, meds information and a lot more.

Depression Caregiver support - To provide advice and support to loved ones who care for a depressed person. 

Depression FAQ  

Depression Message Board - SelfCare offers various forums for support and information.

Depression Resources  

Depression Resources List A resource with links to most major mental health sites. Easily navigated.

DMDA - Depressive & Manic-Depressive Assn of New York City  

Dr. Ivan's Depression Centra

DRADA: Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association  

Drug Therapy of Mood Disorders

Electroconvulsive Therapy  

Father Leo Online  

Gay Depression Support  

Hypericum Home Page

Learn about Depression  

A Light in the Darkness: support for mood disorders

Mediconsult Depression Support Group

Mixed Nuts Depression Community  

The Mood Disorders Support Group of New York City  

NAMI ( National Alliance for the Mentally Ill )  

The Other Side Resource: The Other Side of Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft  

The Samaritans, - A UK charity offering support to people who are suicidal or despairing. They are on hand 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Suicide Awareness   Depression can be cured and suicide prevented.

Suicide helplines worldwide and on the Internet - The world's most comprehensive suicide referral website. 

Wing of Madness: A Depression Guide - Wing of Madness is a non-professional's guide to depression, with relevant Internet links.

Wing of Madness: Women (and Girls) and Depression