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Food Allergies 

SoMoMom's Food Allergy Page - links information helpful in dealing with food allergies.

Food Allergies - The Mar Vista Animal Medical Center describes how food allergies can be diagnosed through the use of a hypoallergenic food trial.

Welcome to The Food Allergy Network

Food Allergies from HealthlinkUSA  

Dietary Hypersensitivity - Lake Veterinary Hospitals discusses diagnosis, symptoms and management of food allergies in cats and dogs.

Allergies - Information on Allergies and allergic conditions, Food Additives.

Food Allergy Webring  

Hypo-allergenic Diets Do Not Exist - Cat Fancy feline library presents an article that explains what is meant when ingredients in cat food are described as hypo-allergenic.

Child Allergy Support Board  

Online Resources for People With Food Allergies & Intolerances - Directory of links.

Food Allergy Survivors Together (FAST) - Support for people world-wide with food allergies in the family. Chat, recipes.

Allergy Internet Resources - Directory of allergy information with over 140 references about allergies, asthma, pollen, dust, latex allergy, food allergies, kid's allergies, allergy testing, and allergy-related newsgroups.

Online Resources - Recipes for people with food allergies and intolerances.

Allergyfree Direct - Special mail order food for people with allergies/ intolerances  UK home delivery. 

Hampden Park Food Co-op

McDougall On-Line Wellness Centerh: Nutrition: Dietary Options: Vegetarian   (1)

Environmental Health and Allergy Center  

Food Anaphylactic Children Training and Support Association  

American Medical Identifications  

Immunological responses to drinking milk - Food Protein Allergies.