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Journals and Magazines

Ability Network - Canada's cross-disability magazine.

Canadian Abilities Foundation - Canada's lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities

disAbility Forum - An on-line magazine that covers a wide-range of topics, including drug information, behavioral health, legal and advocacy topics, non-medical therapies, and reader submitted stories and poems.

Disability Magazines and Accessories - Offering some of the top disability magazines from many companies. 

Disability View - The UK's Disabilities Magazine

DisABLED News - How to get the most out of life while facing obstacles most so called "normal people" may never have or could never understand.

Disabled Parenting Today - Newsletter for parents with disabilities. 

Electric Edge - Disability-rights culture, ideas, revolution, humor 

Exceptional Parent - Parenting your child or young adult with disabilities or special healthcare needs.

Mainstream - News, advocacy and lifestyle zine for people with disabilities.

New Mobility - A magazine devoted to physically disabled and accessibility issues.

Paralinks - Life with wheelchairs and people who use them. Paraplegic Quadriplegic...

Paraplegia News - News/information magazine for people with mobility impairments.

Reach Out Magazine - A complete online version of Reach Out Magazine print edition.

Rehab Report - A monthly business magazine for rehabilitation professionals.

Sports 'N Spokes Magazine - The magazine for the active wheeler.

WE - A lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities.