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Bay Area Lupus Foundation - Non-profit organization providing services and education to lupus patients, families, and health professionals nationwide. 

Butterfly and the Wolf - A mutual support bulletin board at the Coffeerooms. 

Durham Region Lupus Association  

Follow My Lupus

HealthlinkUSA - Lupus - Directory of links to lupus resources online.

Joanne's Lupus Site - Information on lupus (SLE), including- diagnosis, tests, medications, advice, support, forum, survey & much more.

Lupus - Information on lupus, symptoms, treatment and coping. 

Lupus and Nutrition - Although drugs are the standard treatment for lupus, research has shown that particular nutrients may help the symptoms of this disease.

Lupus at  

Lupus Book Store  

Lupus Information Center  

The Lupus Letter  

Lupus Resource Center  

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus  

Web of Care - Lupus Caregivers' Community

Women's Info Page