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Academy of Lymphatic Studies-Vodder

American Lymphedema Institute - promotes public awareness of lymphedema and its treatment.

British Lymphology Society  

Foeldiklinik Hinterzarten: Clinic for Lymphology

Greater Boston Lymphedema Network  


How To Choose A Lymphedema Therapist

The International Network of Edema Therapists  

Klose Norton Training and Consulting - A training school holding classes in the United States on a regular schedule and teaching all aspects of CDT and MLD, with certification available.

Lerner Lymphedema Services - A network of treatment facilities dedicated to the treatment of lymphedema. 

The Lymphedema Center - The Lymphedema Center, one of the largest treatment centers for Lymphedema in the United States.

Lymphedema Family Study Home Page

Lymphedema International Network  

Lymphatic Research Foundation -

Lymphedema Therapists International  

Lymphedema-National Cancer Institute  

Lymphoedema Association of Australia  

Lymphoedema Support Network -


National Lymphedema Network

Stanford Lymphedema Center