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Online Journals Webrings

Open Pages    - The Open Pages homepage. Open Pages is the first collection of web pages by on-line journal writers and diary keepers. Linked through the Webring service by Sage Weil.

Archipelago Web Ring - Archipelago: (1.) A large group of islands, or a sea containing a large number of scattered islands; (2.) A web ring of online diaries combining excellence in writing with excellence in graphics.

Atheist Journals - Atheists & agnostics who maintain on-line journals.

The Audience - The Audience is a webring made for those people that read journals and love them on the web. It doesn't matter if you have a journal of your own or not. But you must have on your site a page with links to your favourite ones .

bedlamite journals - a webring for journal sites by people suffering from some form of mental illness [be it depression, or anything else] and who allow their pain and experiences to be seen through their journals; the journal and their writing is their mode of expression.

Britain & Twisted Journal Web Ring - Gotta be Brit.

Chutzpah - Have you got the cojones?

Daily Journal Chronicles - A webring for those of us who are addicted to writing. So much so that we update practically every day. | links | webrings - list of webrings

Drama Queens - A Webring for Online Journalers - Have you ever resorted to verbal temper tantrums in your journal? Had a complete lash-out? How about a total breakdown? Have you ever played something up, even just a little for the purposes of painting yourself in a sympathetic light? Like to whine (that's whinge for the proper English set)? Do things in your life (and consequently, your writing) seem to always be really awful or really fantastic, without a lot of in between? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are indeed a Drama Queen.

The Journal Ring - This Webring brings together many of the on-line journals and diaries of people with personal web pages on the Internet.

The Journal Windows Homepage - Welcome to Journal Windows, a webring for people crazy enough to have an online journal, and willing to open their souls to us, to allow us a look into their lives.

Just My Words - "Just My Words" is a ring dedicated strictly to journalers/diarists who want to share their journey along their respective paths. They share with you their thoughts, passions, desires, rants and everyday life while choosing which path to take at the next fork in the road.

Little Bastards. - You are not worthy. Here at Little Bastard, we aren't about developing new ways of thinking; we like the old ways fine. We aren't about the soap operas; we leave that for TV. And we most definitely don't want you to be like us; there's enough of us already.

Lives Written Webring - For online journals, updated regularly, with at least ten entries.

The Mandelbrot Set - The Mandelbrot Set is a ring of online journals which are unique, intricate, and beautiful. They are also among the best journals out there. In my opinion.

Memoir Journals - Online journals dealing with memory, childhood, and connections of the journalers' current experiences and their pasts.

Naked Truths - A webring of journals that create, rant, express, and generally move with the people that write them.

Often: almost daily journal entries - often is a webring for online journals that update almost daily.In fact, they update frequently regularly incessantly repeatedly perpetually habitually customarily constantly continually abundantly recurringly persistently consistently unrelentlessly dependably reliably infallibly indubitably inevitably often.

On Display - A webring for those who consciously choose to put themselves and their lives on display through their journalkeeping.

On My Own - A new webring for journallers who are doing it for themselves.

People Chase - Not completely about Online Journals, but enough to warrant a link here. A cross between a webring and an award.

RedEarth - australian journals - Webring - These are the australian journals. Journals which call from the overgrown island in the southern hemisphere, where most things are completely opposite to everywhere else in the world

RingSurf - RingSurf and Net Rings: a new way to organize and find content on the Web.

silent scream~anonymous journaler's webring - so, you have an online journal and you love it dearly. you go by a pseudonym, or have found some miraculous way not to use your name at all. you're welcome to join silent scream.

Smart and Lazy - A place for effective online journals where writing reveals, rather than burdens.

Smoke-Ring Journals - Journals by smokers, ex-smokers and wannabe ex-smokers. Black (-lung) humor abounds.

Speak Freely - Webring for journals housed on "Free" webspace providers. Just because it's free doesn't mean it lacks quality.

the tabloids - melli coined the term and it was true. we talk about each other enough and read each other and... well... the tabloids were born.

Verbal Masturbation Webring - an online journal webring for those who showcase original works online. (poems, journals, short stories, etc.)

Voyeur - For those who show themselves in their onlne journals.

Why don't you understand? - This is a webring to bind together anyone with a personal website (aka "ego" site) who feels misunderstood. if you qualify (ie: if you think people misunderstand you).

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