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Prescription Drug 

Pharmaceutical Care Associates - A site to interact/gain access to clinical pharmacist consultants to ask questions and present cases revolving around prescription drugs and drug information.

An Internet Pharmacy and Discount Prescription Drug Store  

MatureRx Prescription Drug Program -

RxList - The Internet Drug Index - The most complete searchable cross index of US prescription products anywhere. - Discount Internet drug store specializing in non-prescription medication, vitamins, herbals, alternative medicines, and other healthcare items.

ProCare Health Plans  

HealthSquare - HealthSquare provides access to high quality drug, disease and wellness information written by healthcare professionals specifically for the layperson. 

FDA: No Over-The-Counter Smoking Deterrent Works - "The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that no over-the-counter smoking deterrent product on the market today has been shown to be effective in helping people quit or reduce smoking". This includes "pills, tablets, lozenges and chewing gum-type products sold under various names such as Cigarrest, Bantron, Tabmint, Nikoban and others". However, that evaluation applies to over-the-counter products; some prescription products have been found safe and effective as smoking cessation aids.

Wholesale Drug - Wholesale and exporter of drugs. Pharmaceuticals, aids, injectables, injections, prescription, diet, generic drugs, medicines, antibiotics, ophthalmics, diabetes, vitamins, anesthetic, oncology, herbal medicines, respiratory, impotence, surgical supplies

Drugstore Pharmacy - An Internet Pharmacy .

Refill Service - is a service of American Drug Stores in order to provide a convenient, safe and reliable way to refill a prescription.

Prescription Drug Abuse - This site focuses on education, hope, and recovery for prescription drug abusers and their families.

Larimore Rexall Drug - Prescription service, drug interaction screening, health and beauty products