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AAD Psoriasis Pamphlet - American Academy of Dermatology. Causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Aase Marit's Psoriasis and Eczema Homepage - Psoriasis  

Catalog of Psoriasis Associations  

Flake - Confessions of a Psoriatic  

Gary Shine's Psoriasis Home Page - Gary reviews many alternative and traditional treatments, telling of his various experimental failures and successes.

Jina Chan's Psoriasis Resources - A personal introduction to this condition, and one of the first psoriasis pages on the net. Many links and reviews of other sites.

Loobie's psoriasis links  

Medline Plus - Psoriasis - A summary of authoritative links from the US National Library of Medicine.

Piju's Personal Psoriasis Page - Details and personal experience with salicylates in aspirin and various foods as a psoriasis trigger.

Pirouzi - Canadian Encyclopedia of Dermatology  

Psoriasis info at NIH - US National Institute of Health document search for psoriasis.

Psoriasis Self-Help and Support info at pinch/skin  

Psoriatic Arthritis Information by DrDoc  

South Florida Psoriasis Support Group