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Psychiatric Disorders 

Northwest Behavioral Medicine

Focus Healthcare

Chinese Medicine Treats Psychiatric Disorders  

OMH Specialized Inpatient Services

American Psychiatric Association  

Child Psychiatry - This site provides information about online resources for children with psychiatric disorders

Homewood Health - A major provider of mental health care services and the treatment of behavioural, addiction, and psychiatric disorders.

Anomaly - Anomaly is a quarterly zine/e-zine featuring first-person narratives, poetry, and art from people with psychiatric disorders.

Pediatric Psychiatry Pamphlets  

Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center  

Fairbanks Psychiatric and Neurological Clinic  


Psychiatric Times  

Mediations For Life  

Tall Tree Software - PsychDiagnoser software assists with psychiatric diagnosis with both a rapid screen for DSM-IV Axis I disorders and dangerousness and a comprehensive interview. Li-Doser provides rapid estimation of daily lithium dosage requirements.