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Chaos Cubed- Synesthesia - Synesthesia links.

History of Synaesthesia - "Although medicine has known about synaesthesia for three centuries, it keeps forgetting that it knows."

Is There a Normal Phase of Synaesthesia in Development?

Sam Scott: Synesthesia - Synaesthesia is a little-known and rather poorly-understood condition in which two or more senses mingle into one. 

Synaesthesia - This site is a compilation of the information available on synaesthesia from both other internet sites and traditional sources.

Synaesthesia - A mailing list for synesthetes has archives here, as well as a list of synesthete authors and composers, and the experiences of synesthetic individuals.

Synaesthesia and Consciousness Studies 

Synesthesia - Red rings louder in your eye and a taste of blue lingers at your fingertips.

Synesthesia - articles about synesthesia. A part of's "Synthetic Synesthesia" section.

Synesthesia - A general paper by Tamara Alexandrov

Synesthesia - An interview with Dr. Richard Cytowic and Carol Steen. ABC Radio National - Health Report Transcript - 8 July 1996

Synesthesia - A Real Phenomenon? Or Real Phenomena?

Synesthesia - the mixing of the senses 

Synesthesia and Artistic Experimentation

Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology

The Synesthesia Site - Explores the phenomenon of synesthesia, and provides a virtual meeting place for synesthetes.

The Synesthesia Society - An e-mail group for synesthetes.