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Answers about Vulvar Pain and Problems - Frequently asked questions about vulvar pain.

Julie's Vulvodynia Page - Medical journal articles about vulvodynia and support group information.

National Vulvodynia Association - A nonprofit organization for women with vulvodynia and related disorders.

Vulval Pain Society  

Vulvar Pain Foundation - Providing hope, support and reliable information for vulvar pain sufferers and their families.

Vulvodynia - Information for women suffering from vulvodynia. Frequently asked questions, chat room, mailing list.

Vulvodynia ( - Annotated links to information about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment information.

Vulvodynia Information Web Portal - Information about vulvodynia, chronic vulvar pain, and related disorders. Medical journal article bibliography, full-text articles, web links, support group listing, and other resources available.

When Sex Hurts, Help Is Available - MSNBC article about treatment options for chronic vulvar pain