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African American History Page

African American History   For all aspects of African American History.

African American History  19th Century African Americans

African American History  Articles on a variety on African American Topics.

Black Church Arsons  Coverage on Current event in African American History

Civil Rights Timeline Timeline of some of the more prominent movements and people of the Civil Rights Movement.

Civil War   African American Soldiers in the Civil War.

Kentucky Law   African Americans who helped change Kentucky Law.

Louisiana Street Riots   Article on the Louisiana Lee St. Riots.

Presidential Speeches  Various Presidential speeches on African American matters.

Profiles on George Washington Carver, James Summer Lee  Famous African-American Scientists.

Slavery  Slave bibliographies and excerpts from slave narratives.

Springfield Race Riots Comprehensive history on the race riots in Springfield.

major civil right movements  All the major civil right movements covered.

The Buffalo Soldiers  The first American Black Calvary Units.

Tuskugee Airmen  History of these African American Airmen.

Underground Railroad   In depth information on the underground railroad.

T he African American Mosaic Covers topics such as colonization, abolition, migration and more.

African American Museum  Information on slave history, some of the famous African Americans like Jackie Robinson and many mant more.

Thurgood Marshall  Bibliography of the first African American to sit on the Supreme Court.