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First Tank Page What you need to get started

The Coral Health and Monitoring Program helping to improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world

Coral Reef Fishes

The Krib Contains the Reef Keeper FAQ, Archived UseNet postings and new articles.

Reef Addiction Information about invertebrates and fish, and an anemone survey.

SeaScope quarterly newsletter with articles devoted to saltwater aquaria

Something Fishy Guide to marine aquatics, from beginner to expert

.catfish Freshwater Catfish homepage

Clown Loach Home Page Loach breed descriptions, general fish links and more.

The Cichlid Homepage Contains Cichlid information, pictures, and much more!

The Discus Page info regarding the king of the aquarium

Discus Breeders' Web Site Dedicated to all Discus breeders and lovers

Home of the Rainbowfish Home of the Rainbowfish

Killifish Species in New Zealand

Medakafish Home Page information service for MF reseachers

Paul's Koi Page Koi pictures, information and events

The Uphaus Angelfish Corner Info about raising Angelfish and beginner aquarium guide

Pete's Pond Page

Pictures and information about Pete's beautiful backyard Koi Pond.

Half-Barrel Pond Page Discusses all aspects of building a half-barrel pond.

Pondside Contains information and spec's, a brief description of the joys and trials of KOI, & Water Gardening Info.

Some Things Fishy! Pictures and information on building and maintaining a Goldfish Pond

Water Plants Information about plants, algae, gadgets and fertilizers

All Things Fish A great collection of personal homepages and general fish links

American Pet Association Changing the way America cares for its pets

AquaLink A wealth of information for fishkeepers interested in freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, goldfish, reef systems, invertebrates and coral

Ks. State U. Pet Health Articles Cool site with news updates

JAWS - Just Aquaria Web Site Cichlids and other fish info, links, and FAQ's.

Bob Tornatore's Page A basic hobbyist's page

EMS and Veterinary Medicine Artwork, learning and reference materials, Q & A with a Dr.: a full-compliment veterinary resource.

Lightning Strike The Cohn's pet-loss support page offers a "cybershoulder" for grieving pet owners

Lisa Sarakontu's Aquaria page Contains articles on Siamese and Chinese Algae Eaters, Flying Foxes, as well as links to Aquaria resources in English and Finnish.

The Pet Channel An online resource of pet information

Pet Loss Information Pet Loss Information

The Pet Ring Excellent series of pet homepages around the world

Pets In NeedPets In Need

Poetry Contest With pet category

Safari Touch TankEducational, colorful, and animated.

The Virtual Pet Cemetery Memorial pages for pets

The World of AnimalsCollection of pet stories, antics, and heroics!

Worldwide Art New cartoon every morning & more

FTP Aquaria DirectoryAn archive of fish-related discussions from newsgroups, muds, and many other sources.

Anchor Bay AquariumAqualog reference books, bulk food selection, and exotic tropical fish

Aquarium.Net Monthly E-zine dedicated to aquarium hobbyists

AquaScapeAquarium Products Magazine providing aquarists varied information, updated every Thursday!

The Breeder's Registry Newsletter Marine Aquarium Cultured Fishes and Invertebrates

Cichlid NewsDiskus Brief The International Discus Journal Magazine

Health Innovations A magazine for natural nutritional discoveries

M. Reed Enterprisesvideos and books

North Shore Marines Selection of Marine supplies, corals, inverts, and books.

Pet Talk, America Talk radio show about pets

Interactive Aquarium Guide CD-rom available here

Maplewood Communications Sceensaver displaying photos of your own pets