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1999 National Magazine Award Finalists

A Magic Stream of Mental Health, Self-help and Emotional Wellness

A Web of On-line Dictionaries III

A is For Autism

ACN - Home of Latitudes

ADD Action Group

AND- The Association for the Neurologically Disabled of Canada.



Action for Autism


After School Support

Aiken County Board of Disabilities - Tri-Development Center

Alternative Health Research

Area Education Agency 7 Home page

Articles on the Internet, Books by Professionals, Sources for Books, Audio/Video

Ask NOAH About: Neurological and Neuromuscular Disorders

Ask the Doctors

Asperger Syndrome Education Network (ASPEN)

Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger/Autism:... Independent Living Mailing List

Asperger/Autism:... On-The-Same-page... Table of Contents

Astraea Have Moved

Attainment Company - Augmentative Communication, Life Skills, Math & Reading


Autism - Environmental and Preventive Health Center of Atlanta

Autism 99

Autism Africa

Autism Center

Autism Center of America

Autism Center of America: The Son-Rise Program

Autism Children's Resources

Autism Conferences

Autism Directory

Autism Fact Sheet (Page 9)

Autism Home, SFTAH

Autism Initiatives

Autism Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, Forums & Chats

Autism Network International

Autism PDD - One Mom's View for parents of children with autistic disorders

Autism Related Resources on the Internet

Autism Research - Dr. Szatmari's Autism/PDD Research Team - McMaster University,

Autism Research Institute

Autism Research Institute

Autism Research Unit Homepage

Autism Resources Network

Autism Society Manitoba

Autism Society Of America, South Central Indiana Chapter

Autism Society of Alabama

Autism Society of America - Virginia Peninsula Chapter

Autism Society of B.C.

Autism Society of Cincinnati

Autism Society of Collin County

Autism Society of Delaware

Autism Society of Kyoto

Autism Society of Los Angeles

Autism Society of Michigan

Autism Society of Nebraska

Autism Society of Oregon

Autism Society of Pittsburgh

Autism Society of Washington

Autism Society of Wisconsin

Autism Spain

Autism Treatment Services of Canada

Autism Zone, The

Autism and Brain Development Research Laboratory

Autism-UK Home Page

Autism/Asperger's Syndrome/PDD links for AUTINET FORUM

Autismiorganisaatioita (koonnut Reija Hirvonen)

Autismitietoa (koonnut Reija Hirvonen)


Autismus in Deutschland

Autismus: Begriffsklärung und Forschungsbemühungen

Autistic Association

Autistic Children's Activity Program

Autistic Treatment Centers of Texas

Autistien Tukiviesti 2/96

Behavior Analysis E-mail Database

Bottin de psychologues

Bradley Olson-a person with autism

Bradley's Page

Brain & Mind" Magazine - WWW Home Page

Brain Works: Healing Brain Injury

Broome-Tioga Autism Society of America

CAMPO RESEARCH - discuss board

CAN, The Cure Autism Now Foundation


CSAAC (Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children) Serving Individuals

CT Families for Effective Autism Treatment

Center for the Study of Autism

Chatham-Kent Chapter of Autism Society Ontario

Cure Autism Now

Data Village Random Link Directory Letter A

Division TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication H

Dotson Family

Dr. Szatmari's Autism/PDD Research Team's Homepage

FAQ - What is Autism?

Familes for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT)

First Person - accounts, opinion and poetry by people with bipolar disorder, ...

Fort Worth/Mid-Cities Autism Society

Great Plains Laboratory

Greater Phoenix Chapter Autism Society of America


Health Research Institute

Health and Medical Newsgroups

Jonathan Lerman, artist, living with autism, prodigy

Jones, Nancy - Connor's Corner

Jordan, Alana

Journal of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Jrg Kopp Consulting


Kern County Autism Center

Kerry's Place Autism Services

Kvasir : Emner : Helse og samliv : Funksjonshemninger : Autisme


La bourguette "une aventure humaine

Light Projects

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Programs for learning disabilities, dyslexia,


Links to Psychological Journals (by Armin Günther


Liste des microglossaires

Los Angeles Asperger's Syndrome Parent's Support Group

Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment (LA FEAT)

Länkar om autism

Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment (MFEAT)

Marc's Special Education Page

MedWeb: Adam's Guide To Medical Resources On The Internet

MedWebPlus: Periodicals

Mental Health Net - Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine

Mental Health Newsletters

Mission for Education Children with Autism (MECA)

NAAR, National Alliance for Autism Research --

NECTAS Home Page

NORD - Rare Disease Database

NOW Vitamins, Foods, Minerals and Naturitional Supplements, Stevia, Dr.

NVA - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme

National Alliance for Autism Research - NAAR

National Autistic Society

Neuroscience for Kids - Explore the Nervous System

New Horizons In Autism

New York Autism Network

Open Directory - Health: Conditions and Diseases: A: Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children (PEACH)

Parents of Autistic Children (POAC)

Parents, Let's Unite for Kids

Paris' Place: Autism Pages

Philippine Autism Resource Page

Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography

Play Interventions

Psicoenlaces / Psycholinks

PsycINFO® Journal Coverage List

Psych Web List of Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web, sorted by topic

Recovery Zone - Applied Behavior Analysis (Lovaas

Reed Martin, J.D. , Special Education Law

Scottish Society for Autistic Children

Search Trainings Database

Seasilver News

Secretin: Its Effects On Children With Autism. Pediatric GI.

Seeker Feedback Board

Sensory Integration

Shriver Center - What's New

Sigmund Freud

Silver Ribbon Campaign

Slater, Chris

Social Work and Social Services Web Sites

Special Education at Flinders University

Specifica Mental Health Resources Jeanine Wade, Ph.D

The Autism Picture Page

The Daily Parent

The House that Jack Built

The Mind / Body Institute of Florida

The New AltaVistaCheck us out!

The Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998

The Trail Daily Times

The World of Autism

Tourette Syndrome "Plus

Treatment Modalities and Approaches - Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work

Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildr

Tri-County Autism Society

UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute

V. Smith's Autism Page

Videnscenter og Center for Autisme

Welcome to TASH - Disability Advocacy Worldwide

Welcome to The StarLink-IRC Network

What is a tab?

Wisconsin Parents of Children with Developmental Delays and/or Autism

World Apart, A



autism / aspergers  

Autism Resources

Facilitated Communication Institute autism, developmental disabilities, mental retardation

Autism Society of America information Referral

Behavior Analysis directory

Dave Kelsall's Home Page home info regarding Autism.

TEACCH excellent services provided to autistic people used as amodel as a result

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee