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Bulletin Board Services

Hostboard message boards for forum discussion - Get your free professional message board for your forum discussions. Post pictures, links and include your HTML code with your posts. Free service for individuals. Corporate programs available.

UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) - Web based bulletin board very nice and has wide acceptance. Many versions and features available. Online bulletin board used in many of the top sites on the internet. Freeware version available.

Lava Bulletin Board System - Lava BBS System was designed to enable the WebCom customers to offer more than static web sites while offering a platform for an exchange of ideas and for communication with your clients.

EzBoard Free Online Communities - Free message board service designed to be a seamless addition to your website. Create your own online community or participate in the 1000s of already existing communities.

FONiX Info Systems - One of the largest and busiest in the world. More than 200,000 files online and 3000+ conference (messaging) areas.

Free Forums for Everyone - Create and manage your own online discussion forum. Uses UBB forum software. (NAO) the Internet Community - An alternative to idiot-crowded web communities and spam-filled newsgroups.

Netbabbler Free Forum and Message Boards - A free discussion group and forum service, where you can participate in other topic driven forums or create your own.

Water-cooler message boards - allows users to create and customize bulletin boards for FREE and link to it from their personal site.

You Create Bulletin Boards and Message Boards - Setup a bulletin board or message board for your organization/club/group.

ABigClick Forums - Free message boards on a variety of subjects.

Bulletin Boards - Setting Up a Private Bulletin Board or create a Message Board.

Coolboard - Coolboard offers free, customized message boards that match the look-and-feel of individual web sites.

Fluxpod Information eXchange - FIX is a BBS that provides a long range of free services to its users, in addition to being a culture in itself. Join our community now for fun, wit, knowledge and a powerful login account. If you want to know more about what FIX is, the info pages will enlighten you.

Highforce Bulletin Board Service - Open forum message areas for webmasters ideas and problems - covering a wide range of subjects.

iMusic - Bulletin Board System - There are now over 35,000 bulletin boards on iMusic broken down by music style. You can use the search box to find a specific board

The Innovative Web Forum - Your Free Web Forum

Magical BBS - Every forum you could ever want with a way to create the ones you don't see.

Vicinities - provides Internet users with the power to create and participate in collaborative online communities, known as vicinities.

FREE Web-Based Shift Scheduling Network - Free shift scheduling for the 1/3 of the world that works shifts and their managers. Share and manage shift schedules over the web for free!

Miller's Party Board BBS - WorldGroup BBS including MajorMud and FU Globals.

Server.Com - Server-based applications for web sites and personal use.

USFree.Net Free BBS - WorldGroup BBS including MajorMud and other Internet services.