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Biomathematics & Biostatistics

A Guide to Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet  

Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health  

A Guide to Biostatistics Information Sources.

AIDS Data Animation Project

American Statistical Association.

America's Lifeline Online

Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland.

Biometrie und Populationsgenetik.

  Biometrie und Populationsgenetik.

Bibliography: Statistics on Allergic Diseases and Lung Diseases except Tuberculosis  

Biostatistics/CEDR Group

Center for Biomedical Modeling Research.

Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Clinical and Epidemiological Data of the Tumour Registry Munich.

Department of Biostatistics

Fundamentals of Quantitative Genetics

Harvard Biostatistics Department

Hilgers' Links to Biometry  

Health Services Research Group.

Health Information Research Unit

National Center for Health Statistics.

NCI Laboratory of Mathematical Biology

UCLA Department of Biomathematics and Biostatistics.

University of California at San Francisco Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Biostatistics.

University of Washington Department of Biostatistics

Utah Office of Health Data Analysis