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Books Search Engines

CMP TechSearch Full text search of CMP Books

Ecola's Newsstand Search for a Book available on the Net

Ecola's Newsstand Search for a Newspaper available on the Net

Ecola's Newsstand Search titles of magazine available on the Net

Ecola's Newsstand Search for Computer Publications available on the Net

Internet Law Library - Code of Federal Regulations Full text search of CFR

Internet Law Library - U.S. Code Full text search of U.S. Code

Thomas - Library of Congress Full text search of current legislation

ARTFL Find le mot juste from this database of 15th- to 20th-century French literature from the American Research on the Treasury of the French Language

Complete Works of William Shakespeare MIT's The Tech provides a great reference to the Bard of A von's work. Enter a quotation, and get a reference to the play, act, and scene it's in--then read the whole thing. There's even a glossary to help with those 16th-century terms.

Middle English Collection The University of Virginia's electronic text collection of 26 Middle English works ranges from Chaucer and William Dunbar to that prolific all-rounder, Anonymous.

The Tech archive search Look over the past ten years of MIT's The Tech, a weekly news, arts, and culture magazine.

WWW Virtual Library: Publishers Online Publishers with a World Wide Web or Internet presence