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The SAS in Bosnia

The SAS has, and still does, operate in Bosnia. In 1994 a ten man SAS team was sent into The Serb controlled town of Maglai, under the command of Lieutenant- General Sir Michael Rose, the UN commander.

 On March 15 they were sent in to asses the situation and locate drop zones for Air Force food drops. When, a few days later, a British relief force drove through Serb lines, SAS forward controllers directed NATO aircraft fire to provide cover. 

The SAS was again used on April 6 at another town called Gorazade. A seven man SAS team directed air strikes against Serb positions, which were relayed to F-16 fighters which pounded Serb positions. 

Unfortunatly during their retreat from Gorazade, through Serb lines, one SAS soldier was killed. In August of 1995 the SAS was in action again, when its men, who had inflitrated Serb lines that ringed Sarajevo, reported the exact location of Serb armour, artillery, and anti-aircraft units. 

When the UN was forced to take action, the intelligence supplied by the SAS teams on the ground ensured that the NATO aircraft air strikes which took place on the 30th were deadly accurate.

Cpl F. M. Rennie  1994