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Ability Camp Teaching Children With Motor Disorders To Become Functionally Independent.

SANDCAT INC Collectible Children's Books Incredible online library of hard-to-find and out-of-print books in All Categories. A BOOK COLLECTOR'S DREAM SITE! Updated weekly - add to your hotlists and stop in often.

Boston Amateur Radio Club - Has info on email lists, the club newsletter and archives, callbook servers, SAREX, and other sites.

Bullwinkle Episodes - Gives the name of the adventure, the number of segments, and a summary.

Birthday Web - Shows who's birthday it is today on the Internet. Includes email addresses, and hot links to those with home pages.

Cool Word of the Day - Gives you the word for the day, a link to see its definition, a link to past cool words of the day, and a blank line for you to submit your own candidates for the cool word of the day.

Children's Page Has stories, poems, pictures and sounds. It contains home pages for everybody in the Bowen family, plus links to other families, games, and other kids pages. Check it out.

Children's Pages at Wombat Net - Has info on: Animals, Dinosaurs, High Schools, Hobbies, Libraries, Magazines, Museums, Space, Toys, Travel.

Computer Graphics - Great set of links (with icons) to places like MiraLab Computer Graphics & Animation Group, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, The University of Manchester Computer Graphics Unit, Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center, Thant's Animations Index, 3D WEB, UBC IMAGER Computer Graphics Lab, NASA Scientific Applications and Visualization Branch.

Children's Page - From Italy, the Children's Page contains some of the links you find here and a few of their own

Disney FAQs Has the FAQs for Disneyland, Disneyworld, and the multipart rec.arts.disney FAQ.

Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum - They 'bring the exhibits, resources, and fun of a museum visit right to your desktop' with virtual exhibits and hotlists.

The Frisbee Page - Rules and pictures, the FAQ, and a link te the newsgroup. Plus links to a bunch of other people's pages

Gilligan's Island Simple page with two links, one to the FAQ, and one to other archive - You'll find rules and tips for various machines (old and new), plus polls and quizes, and tech notes.

The Global Cycling Network - Info on bicycling organizations, newsletters, ride calendars, mailing lists, and links to the VeloNet Gopher and WWW page, and more.

Health Habits for Kids

National Child Rights Alliance

Kids Web A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids.

Kids Home Page Canadian

 Kids on the Web - Dozens of inks for kids (and some for the parents) with descriptions.

 Kite Site Web - Has images of a wide variety of single, dual and quadline kites.

 K-12 Servers - Lists Servers by: U.S. Department of Education, U. S. K-12+ Servers by State, K-12+ Servers Outside the U. S., and has a Miscellaneous category.

KIDLINK Global Networking for Youth 10-15.

 Mercury Project -Operate a robotic arm via the Web. Requires a graphical browser and a grayscale or color (non-monochrome) monitor.

 Muppets WWW site An unofficial collection of information about Jim Henson's Muppets. The information here was collected by Bill Sherman, with the help of many of the denizens.

MegaMath Project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms.

 Mountain Biking - Has info for the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and recent race results, Tv shows, and other miscellaneous links.

 Mathmatical Animation Gallery - Shows you a small picture, the math formula that made it, and gives you links to the animations in either Quicktime or MPEG formats.

Macomb Projects

 NCSA Education Program - Makes the connection between scientific research and education, and makes the tools for computational science available in the classroom.

 M.C. Escher - Pictures, FTP sites, A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry, and links to other pages.

 Postcards - Electric You fill out the postcard, select a picture, fill in the email address of the recipient, and press the button. An email message is automatically sent to the recipient, and they are told a postcard is waiting at the electric post office, where they can go with their Web browser to look at it. But only they can look at it because they are given a number to access it.

Puzzles - Puzzles and brain teasers archived from the newsgroup rec.puzzles and categorized by subject. Both the puzzles and their solutions are given.

 Prints and Printmaking - Interactive site has 2,800 images covering pop art to high art from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

Schools on the Web - Lists schools by location. Also has links to Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, School Districts, Educational Organizations, K-12 School Lists. Has a clickable map of the US.

Stereograms - A page with links to dozens of stereograms, and a link to a similar page with previews (takes longer to load). These sites have been selected and been given a rating out of 5 based on the following criteria: appearance, content, ease of use, organization, relevance, suitability for a young audience.

The Child/ Family Interactive Network home page

The Children Page from Italy

The Children's Software Company

Osiris QuizTime - The quiz consists of 25 multiple choice trivia questions, eachworth five points, on a wide range of subjects. Answers to the previous week's questions are available.

Teddy Bears - Has info about the teddy bears mailing list, the history of teddy bears, maufacturers and designers, teddy-bear related texts, bibliography, article archive, teddy-bear patterns, and of course, the FAQ.

The Lite-Brite Page - Pictures created with different colored dots. Contains the current featured work, and a gallery of past pictures. You can edit a picture

The Age of Sail - All about the tall ships, with fiction and clip art, and links to related sites, including pirates.

Totware - Links to Mac and DOS freeware and shareware for kids.

Taz-Mainia - Links to the FAQ, newsgroup, and related goodies. Spin on over.

Vose School Education Resources Page - Created by a Beaverton Schools (Beaverton, OR) teacher to introduce students and teachers to the internet.

Veb Village - In the Village you can move about (by clicking on squares you can navigate the village), build (by using the rotating build menu and clicking on "Build Selected Item Here" you can construct various things), talk (by typing a message in the "Enter your speech here" box and clicking on "Have your say" you can talk to other people in the village), Visit other places (certain places in Veb Village contain links to other places which you can visit).

Whale Watching Web - Devided by world location, either text-based, or a 10 K clickable map.

Web66 What's New - Modeled after the NCSA What's New page, it has announcement of new Web sites for and by kids.

WWW Virtual Library: Education - Nice hotlist of educational resources from books and software to clearinghouses and other links.