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 children's writers links page

Aaron Shepard's Kidwriter Page Information for children's writers including an introduction to the field for beginners. Also includes articles and links to other resources

A-List for Children's Books A-List for the most requested children's books. An excellent way to keep up with what is selling in the children's book market. 

American Association of School Librarians The American Association of School Librarians is interested in the general improvement and extension of library media services for children and young people. Site provides information and links.

Association of Booksellers for Children The Association of Booksellers for Children is a national membership association which offers a suppport network for professional children's booksellers who share the goal of encouraging quality ans service within the children's book industry.

Books on Writing for Children A collection of books about writing for children from The Writer's Bookstore.

Children's Book Council (CBC) The CBC provides an excellent site for children's writers. Its special author section contains information for beginning writers, listings of children's book publishers, interviews, a list of 75 children's authors and other pertinent information.

Children's Book Insider A publication for children's writers and illustrators which contains information about new markets, the submission process, how-to articles and author interviews. 

Children's Literature Web Guide Comprehensive web guide to children's literature. Contains information on classic children's literature as well as current children's books. 

Children's Writers Marketplace This column written by Margaret Shauers is a great resource for children's writers. Margaret provides infomation on children's markets, contests and events.

 Children's Writing Resource Center  Excellent resource for children's writers provided by the publishers of Children's Book Insider. Contains articles, chat, message board, links and much more.

Horn Book, The The Horn Book Magazine is a bimonthly journal of children’s literature which includes articles related to children’s books and reading; current books for children and young adults are reviewed in each issue.

International Reading Association Organization that seeks to increase literacy by improving the quality of reading instruction. IRA provides conferences, publications and events. 

Newsgroup: rec.arts.books.childrens Newsgroup for discussion of children's books.

Purple Crayon, The Articles on writing for children by a children's book editor. The website also includes interviews and resource links.

Slush Pile, The Children's writing resource for an editor's point of view. An editors mostly useful, sometimes silly, and comfortable irrevent hangout for writer's of children's books.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators An organization dedicated to serving the people who write, illustrate, or share a vital interest in children’s literature. Website contains articles, links to member sites and information on awards and events.

Young Adult A-List The A-list for the most requested young adult books. An excellent way to keep up with what is selling in the young adult market.