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BalletWeb HAs Featured Exhibit: "Attributes of the Dancer.", Permanent Collection: A "Les Sylphides" portfolio. 

Ballet Ballets Russes Paris Opera Ballet Royal Ballet Birmingham RB list of ballets list of dancers list of choreographers ballet FAQ Dance as Ever Photo gallery

American Ballet Theatre The American Ballet Theatre. has detailed descriptions of there ballet repertory and dancers' biographies

Ballroom Dance Music Resource Dance Plus is a ballroom dance supply company that sells strict-time ballroom dance CDs from all over the world to dancers everywhere. 

Dancescape Internet Information Centre to the World of Competitive Ballroom Dancing & Dance Sport. Come Dance with us on the Internet .

Just Salsa - Site hosted by UK salsa dance teacher. Regularly updated guide to clubs, dance workshops and major salsa events in London UK. Includes guide of what's happening every single day of each month.

Indian dance (in UK) - Basic details of dance and dancers in UK.

Line Dance UK - Unofficial page of the Silver Dollar Line Dance Company, Based in Warwickshire UK.

Dancers' Guide for UK - Comprehensive guide to the english dance scene: doing classes, targeting Companies

The Bristol Community Dance Centre

Cosmopolitan Jive - Cosmopolitan Jive is possibly the longest established Jive outfit in West London. 

Big Love - Dance and Music Promotions creates unique dance nights, in Southport, centered around atmosphere and music rather than fashion and trend.

Bar Rumba - A favourite London club for many - offering all styles of dance music 

X-Network  - the web dance network for the south west.

Nelson Batista - Cuban dance teacher based in London UK. 

Classical Indian Dance in UK - Introduction to Classical Dances with addresses of teacher in the UK.

Hilperton Hillbillies - Line Dances - New line dance step sheets and links to line dance archives. 

DanceWeb - Find weekly dance classes, events, schools, studios, instructors, DJs or bands as well as products and supplies for a range of dance styles

Dance Voice - Dance Voice is the base for the South West Region of the Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK

Jump 'n' Jive - UK-based workshops in airsteps, jive, swing, blues 

Colours - Colours is the premier monthly dance music venues for Scottish Clubbers

Folk Around Bristol  

Mutant Dance - collaboration of party people and artists specializing in UV performance and decor.