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The Instant Access Treasure Chest

ABLE-TOGETHER Serving Gay And Bisexual Men With Disabilities And Disability-Aware Abled Bisexual/Gay Men

Access Research Group at Yasumura Research Group

Altcare Home care

Americans with Disabilities Act Information ADA links to ADA and Disability related URL's

Center on Information Technology Accommodation (CITA)

CTI Human Services Home Page

Disability Net A disability information service run by disabled people.

Hello and Welcome to DisneyFrek's Freaky Links...Includes Disneyland links, Deaf links, and those programs you are dying for...(especially communication programs that come in handy for the Deaf.) 

Disability Action Committee

Disability Information and Resource Centre useful informations

Disability Information & Resource Centre

Disabilty-Related Resources on the Web

Disability Collaboration Tool Disability Network

Disability Information Point in collaboration with: Regione Toscana (Italy)

Disability Resources

Doug Lathrop's Gimp Page

El Paso Home Health Home care

Francophone resources for Handicaped People

GENETHON Centre de Recherche sur le Génome Humain

Helping Handicapped in Indochina

Trace Center at the University of Wisconson

Victoria's Network Disability Page

Western New York Disabilities Forum provides access to a wide variety of disabilty

Web sites on people with disabilities from (Florence) Italy

World Institute on Disabilities