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A Brief History of Electronic Music Instruments

Digital Music Zone

The Electronic Music Foundation

The International Computer Music Association

The MIT Media Lab

Musical Physical Modeling

Synthesizer & Sampler Picture Gallery

Technical Articles for the Recording Studio Engineer

The Virtual Moog

Virtual Musical Instruments

Alex Ayuli's IDEALIZE - A collection of sounds and visions, that together comprise a unique way of perceiving life on our planet.

Andrews' Online! - The first and the largest independent server wholly dedicated to Latvian electronic underground. It gives common ground for various crews and artists - JuiceBox, Mr Byte, Gosh, Spinners, Strekachi, Gods Delusion, Martinez Gonzalez and others - whose music covers all genres of modern electronica. Sites of the featured artists offer legal MP3, RealAudio, artwork and information.

Beatseek - Electronic music news and discussion, internet broadcasts, and web links. - A music and design server totally dedicated to modern electronic dancemusic and design in all it's shapes.

Canadian Electronic Music - A web directory for the small (but growing) Canadian electronica scene.

Club, Music, Party, Life - X-Network - Club culture for the underground massive.

Cosmic Fantasia - Portal for Electronic Music and everything about it.

Crucial Electro Links - A collection of links devoted to electro artists, labels, and history.

A Cyborg's Eye View - Articles on MIDI and analogue synths, plus info on electronic/techno music artists, signed and unsigned.

Electric Notes - About MIDI, synthesizers, samplers or sequencers. Glossary of electronic music terms.

Electronic Music Foundation - EMF is a not-for-profit organization that provides access to materials and information essential to understanding the history and current development of electronic music and related artforms.

Electronic Pulse - The one stop for electronica and electronic music. Providing streaming music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Electronica Primer - The explanation of the difference between House, Techno, Breakbeat and Jungle using descriptions and audio samples.

ElectronicaOnline - Your source for electronic music news, links, discussions, giveaways, and more.

Elpanor's Techtronic - Electronica site with techno history and information, full length audio, an online CD store, and band links.

Emusic-l - Website for the Electronic Musicians mailing list. The web page also gives you access to past digests and has some useful documents, like suggestions on buying your first keyboard.

Explizit dot Org - Hosting the mailing lists for Faithless, Paul van Dyk, Hardfloor and Sunscreem, and the Faithless FAQ and Webring. Home of [widescreen], the most extensive RMB homepage. Mirror of the tursa pages, with discographies of, amongst others, Jam & Spoon, Cosmic Baby, Sven Všth, Hardfloor and Rollo & Sister Bliss. A webcam and all the links you'll ever need complete the adventure.

FEPA - The Foundation for the Electronic and Performing Arts will be able to bridge the gap between people and technology by providing individuals the knowledge necessary for them to express themselves artistically through the use of modern technology.

Force-Inc / Chrome / Riot Beats - Electronic Artists and Electronic Music links

The history of synthpop - Information and many links.

The Independent Electronic Musician Collective - A node on the web for the promotion and distribution of our members. Joining is free and so is most of our music.

Industrial Strength Multimedia - A small multimedia based company, Record Label, and production company with influences being underground electronic music, clothing, with a directory coming soon on kool klubz to visit in all all major cities of U.S.

J.F.K (Jungle Friendly Kru) - Devoted to bringing the Salt Lake City electronica scene together with unity and promoting the local DJ's.Check out the dope picks from our previous parties.

Krass - Information about minimalistic electronic music. Including photographs, flyers and party dates for London, UK and Germany.

Man Made Media - Web site of the American electronic music/multimedia company, with details of/images from new releases and current projects.

Midwest Electronic Music Organization - Promotes the enjoyment of electronic and progressive music.

Music first - MUSIC FIRST, everything else comes after. music is still about music as far as underground electronic music is concerned. and that's the approach of this site: nothing but music.

Muuzic - Electronic music resource. Includes reviews, news, audio samples, label and artist discographies.

Nibble's - US homepage featuring Lazlo's Discography Machine, a range of discographies including The Beloved, The Orb, Underworld, System 7, plus other dance music information, including artist mailing lists.

pleasurecraft office/centrum - Pleasurecraft Office of Audio and Info maintains online sonic experimentations, net audio broadcasts, hosts Pretty Boy Crossover (PBXO) and Other People's Children - curated by Jas Sweeney

susan lawly - *very* extreme electronic and *very* experimental music label *

Synthzone - A 100% electronic music site with synthmusic of all kind., Techno Music Websites Portal - Techno and electronica music websites portal and techno links surf engine is favorite bookmark to great techno music online. (link pirates)

Trigi's Page of Intolerance - Reviews, RealAudio, MP3s, pictures, links and more about every band on the infamous Intolerance label.

Underground Network - A Resource page bringing you the best in electronic music and events, with real audio files.

Urban Sounds - Site devoted to electronic music, reviews and features, audio clips, and DJ mixes.