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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Ability's Webmaster is

Ken Davies is the Ability Webmaster. he receives hundreds of email messages weekly, and is often unable to handle your requests personally.

So Please read the information below carefully; and hopefully you'll find the answer here...

1. Help I'm looking for information on ...

2. I can't access..., I can't find ..., and CERN Error Messages

3. Change this information / fix this link

4. Please add this link

5. I need technical assistance

6. Can I use the ability icon on my site?

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1. Help I'm looking for information on ...

Ability has been setup to help you to find information on just about any subject on the World Wide Web.
The Ability Web site has it's own Online search engine to enable you to search our many web pages for information or a link to a site with it on.
The WWW "World Wide Web" has many many search engines these sites allow you to search for information on just about any subject, We have put together a Search Engine Index here at ability to help you.
The Webmaster will try to help you find information on general health and disability topics etc, but this can take him some time because of his limited time and resources.

So here are some examples of using a search engine from our index

Question: Where can I find information about Virtual Hospitals?

Answer:Use our search engines index Virtual Hospitals and look up "Virtual Hospitals".

Question: I'm interested in more information on the World Wide Web.

Answer:Use out World Wide Web search engine index page and look up what info you need. 

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2. I can't access...
I can't find...
and CERN Error Messages

The Ability web site is only part of the global community we do not maintain or have control over all the information which exists on the World Wide Web.
If you have trouble accessing information which begins with, or with anything at the Ability website "such as links to other sites",then the Ability Webmaster is the right person to contact using this from.

For any problems not connected with, you will need to contact the webmaster or system administrator of that web site.

The error message could mean any of the following:

The document you were trying to reach does not exist as you typed it.
Please try looking at the top page (home page) or (index page) of the web site you were trying to reach, in order to determine how to contact them and find the document.
For example, if you were trying to reach http://www.domain/filename/somthing.html, and you got an error message, try going to http://www.domain/ for information on where the new version of the document might be, or for information on how to contact someone there to find it. When in doubt, try writing to the webmaster of that site.