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American Puzzles - A large selection of puzzles for adults and children, featuring over 2000 jigsaw, wooden, 3-D, mechanical, and educational puzzles of any subject manner imaginable.

Bits and Pieces - offering puzzles and other games

Completely Puzzled - Features games and puzzles for all ages. 3D, jigsaw, wood and floor puzzles, CD ROM's, plus educational award winning games.

I Qubed - On-line catalog of puzzles and games for all ages. Test your puzzle solving skills in our playrooms. Get info on events and tournaments.

Interactive Fun Puzzles - Puzzles that can be directly manipulated on the web page.

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Art - Makers of custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and children, hand crafted from personal photos, fine art prints, calendar pictures, old maps and corporate logos.

Mike Gallagher's Hardwood Gifts - A wide variety of handmade puzzles from hardwoods such as cherry, maple, butternut, and walnut.

Nonogram Solver - Information about Nonogram logic puzzles and how to solve them, plus examples of two on-line solvers, software, and links to other Nonogram sites.

Paint by Numbers - The first site with color paint-by-numbers puzzles. You can solve this puzzle right in your browser.

Perplexing Puzzles - Encyclozine - A wide range of puzzles, with a new one every day.

Pinnacle Puzzles - traditional handmade wooden games and puzzles for the entire family.

Planetarium - An on-line puzzle story in twelve weekly installments. - A great resource for IQ tests, puzzles, trivia, games & contests for entertainment & education. Exercise your mind with trivia, tests, riddles, contests, games, & many different types of puzzles.

Puzzle Paradise - Free interactive crossword puzzles, trivia challenges, brain teasers and word games, for all abilities. - Play free games, puzzles, and trivia contests for fun and prizes.

The Puzzlemakers Site - Puzzles of all descriptions: puzzles at all levels of difficulty. Visit the site to see samples.

Puzzles at - The Internet's most entertaining puzzles are here: Crosswords, Anagrams, Doublets, Trivia, Chess Problems, Math Puzzles, WordSearches ... and more

Puzzookies - Puzzles you Eat

Rec.puzzles archive locations - A directory of rec.puzzles archive locations for North America, Europe and Asia.

A Base for Mathematical Puzzles - Mathematical and logical puzzles and games. Resources for math and brain contests, exercises and solutions.

BrainBashers - Exciting logic, math, language and paradox puzzles for all puzzlemaniacs.

Kjartan Poskitt's Puzzle Books - Details of the Murderous Maths series, the Killer Puzzles.

QuantumBrainBenders - Very entertaining math-based puzzles. They have daily and archived puzzles in a variety of difficulty levels.

ABC Toon Center - Meet each member of the Toon Center team as you find each of their names.

Asotech Multimedia - Asotech Word Search 98 - Construct, Play, View or Print your own puzzles.

Internet Coach Puzzle Center - The Puzzle Center is an online resource for creating custom computer puzzles of a variety of types. Friends and students can play your puzzles. (System requirements are: Shockwave and Flash.)

John's Word Search Puzzles - Puzzles that pertain to holidays, cities, states, sports, movies, and other general topics.

LinaPuzzles - Word Search and Other Puzzles - Free interactive English word search puzzles with quizes and Japanese on weather, fruit, animals, christmas, halloween, etc.

Make Your Own Word Search - The Word Search Game: Create and share your own puzzles. You supply the words. We make the puzzles. Print the results and challenge your friends.

MSNBC - Word Search - A new word search every day. An archive of hundreds of past puzzles is also available.

Online Wordsearch Puzzles - Java applet for making word searches with any word list.

Puzzle Connection - Crossword, word search and word game puzzle site featuring weekly puzzles and puzzle software.

Puzzle Me Silly! - A free collection of word search and crossword puzzles. A must-visit for all puzzle lovers!

Qualint - Software to create and print custom crossword, word search and word scramble worksheets.

Teletoon -- Word Search Games - Teletoon is Canada's only cartoon channel and features animation from Canada and around the world. Our site contains many different games for kids and kids at heart.

Third Age - A daily Word Search puzzle.

Val's Word Find Puzzles - Based on Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Hercules and Xena.

Web Word Find Puzzles - A weekly word find puzzle on a variety of subjects.

The Web Word Search - Various word searches that once all the words are circled, the remaining letters will spell out a quote about the puzzle.

Word Puzzles and Other Games - Interactive word search puzzles. Crossword and other word games.

Word Search - A word search game where the letters that spell out the word do not have to linked.

Word Search Construction Kit - A specialized desktop publisher for creating word search puzzles. For teachers, students, publishers, trainers and fans.

1-2-3 Word Search Maker - Enter your words, press a button, and this software instantly creats a high quality word searh puzzle. Free demo available.

Word Search Puzzles - Word search puzzles, booklets, and tracts.

Wordsearch Wizardry - A fantastic collection of wordsearch puzzles for your entertainment.

World religions - Word search.

Abnorm's Conundrums - Conundrums, puzzles, riddles. A page full of easy, medium and difficult conundrums for you to solve.

BrainBashers - Exciting logic, math and language puzzles as well as paradoxes for all puzzlaniacs.

BrainJuice - An assortment puzzles that can be solved using mainly or wholly logic, presented with entertaining stories.

The Brainteasers Network - Offers a never ending supply of brainteasers, puzzles and games that challenge the mind.

3D Riddle - Single image stereograms.

A Game A Day - A puzzle site featuring a new puzzle format each weekday for each month. Puzzles are fun, educational, entertaining and are also printable.

The Grey Labyrinth - A beautifully illustrated collection of puzzles, riddles, and paradoxes. Features a changing unsolved puzzle plus three years worth of previous puzzles.

Language Equations - Language Equation puzzles

National Puzzlers' League - Crosswords & other word puzzles and games, samples; monthly puzzle magazine; 800,000 word searchable list.

The Puzzle Contest Center - Win big prizes in our challenging fun-filled puzzle contests. Riddles, brainteasers, cryptograms, anagrams, logic puzzles, crytparithms, and more. Compete in 8 new contests monthly.

The Puzzler - Check out our daily puzzle. It's free and if you like it, sign up for our mailing list.

Riddle Me This - Mystery stories - Be a detective. - Riddles, Jokes, Puzzles, Games, Trivia

Wordles! - Home of cryptograms, word fun, word games, word puzzles and word play!