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1997 Home Garden Packet Information on Ag Service Lab Helps Farmers, Home Gardeners , Make Chemicals Last Resort For Fighting Garden pests •The Care And Feeding Of A Compost Pile •When Buying Hedge Plants, Look Further Than Red Tips •Defending Your Tomatoes Against Blossom End Rot •Gardening Organically Isn't "The Easy Way"•Some Vegetables Grow Best From Transplants •Fight Garden Weeds With Mulch And Hoe •Need Help With A Garden? Get Clemson Publications •Indoor Seeding, Soil Temperature Keys To Speeding Up Tomato Growth •Choose Carefully When Picking Seed •Wildflowers May Be Answer To High Maintenance Areas

Cook's Garden the latest in seeds and supplies for kitchen gardeners, and our Heirloom Tomato and Pepper Site, with a hundred tried and true favorites for every cuisine and climate. In the years since, we have scoured the world, looking for the consummate vegetable varieties for various cuisines: the ultimate pesto basil from Italy, heirloom melons from France, pac-choi from Japan and leeks from England to name just a few. We developed strong relationships with growers of the famous Walla Walla onions, and certified organic seed potato producers in Maine, we walked the cut flower fields of Holland with breeders and seed producers to choose the best possible cut flowers for the table, all to help you have the ultimate kitchen garden. With this site, we want to complete the circle by providing a source of convenient, comprehensive information to help you with your ongoing quest to bring the best to the table.We hope you'll join us!

Cyber-Plantsman The Cyber-Plantsman is a magazine for serious gardeners who like to have fun. We'll let you in on some of the more interesting--though less heard from--plants, people, books, events and organizations.

Department of Horticulture A plethora of information from the Horticulture Department at the University of Nebraska. Notice!! Some links on this web are the results of funding and grants provided to the Department of Horticulture by various agencies. To protect the interest of the funding groups, some links require permission for use and a password. You may get permission by contacting the corresponding faculty member or contact the Department of Horticulture (402)472-2854 for information on access.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets Extensive dictionary of plants, but you will notice that this index gets thin after the letter 'S'. Thatis because this dictionary is definitely a work in progress. Theepithets are largely taken from alpine plants and found in the seedlists of the North American Rock Garden Society's seed list, alpineplant nursery catalogs and alpine references.

Dig Magazine

The Dirt Online magazine that provides articles on various gardening topics.

Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site Our main goal through the years has been, and continues to be, providing the best quality products to our customers. For this reason we use only seeds from the current crop. Seeds that are unused at the end of the year are donated to charities worldwide instead of being held over for resale the following year.

As a corporation we strongly support recycling efforts and believe that gardening is one of the better things you can do to improve the environment.

Garden Center Check out our "This time of Year" feature. We have just added plenty of tips for July. The latest topic for "Did You Know?" features some new interesting trivia on Birch Trees.

Garden Escape

The Garden Gate The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers links to useful and interesting sites around the world as well as a growing collection of original materials. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open!

Garden and Greenhouse Garden and Greenhouse is a monthly publication featuring a wide variety of informative and comprehensive articles and "how to" guides for all gardening and hobby greenhouse enthusiasts

GardenMart Congratulations .... you have arrived at the Internets Premiere Gardening Site! Come in and look around for awhile, you won't be disappointed! Take a look at our searchable database, everything from roses to hoses. If you've a question .... ask the experts on the web, or better yet, .... use our electronic bulletin board and ask the world! Check out our gardening links to other garden related web sites, we've sorted them out by category so you won't waste any time looking for that orchid site. Have a good time .... don't forget to sign our registry and register to win a free gardening item!


Garden Planet

Gardens and GardeningWebSITE is for those interested in the art and science of the Electronic Garden, a place where many things are possible..... Gardener's Supply Our mission is to spread the joys and rewards of gardening to as many people as we can. We provide innovative, earth-friendly products, and horticultural information to help you be more successful.