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Gardening History

Chinese Gardens - An article on environmental aesthetics and Chinese Gardens

The Classical Chinese Garden Society page - The City of Portland, the City of Suzhou, and the Classical Chinese Garden Trust are working together to build the largest Suzhou style garden outside of China.

Cultivating Canadian Gardens - A history of gardening in Canada

Dutch gardens and garden architecture - Information from the first chapter of a book on Dutch gardens.

Enchanted Gardens of the Renaissance - A visual tour of three Renaissance Gardens and their relationship to the art of the period

European Garden History - A beautiful virtual tour of the most famous gardens in Britian, France and Belgium, plus some notes on general gardening history

Garden History  - The Twenty Best Garden History Books of the 20th Century

Garden History Links - History of gardening links from Edwinna von Baeyer's Web pages.

Garden Visit and Travel Guide - Places of interest to gardeners: public gardens, parks open for visits, historic estates and botanic collections. Descriptions of 1000+ properties in the UK, Europe and America. History and biographies of designers.

Gardening and Mythology - Mythological references to gardening subjects.

Gardening History Timeline - From Ancient Times to 1800 - Noteworthy Publications, Persons, and Events in the History of Gardening. Including some Related Information from Agriculture, Natural History, Botany, and Ecology. By Michael P. Garofalo

Gardens and Landscape Design - Images and text on 8 Italian Renaissance Gardens and on Giverny in France

Iconography of Chinese Gardens - Stories and Symbols

Landscape history and garden history in India - History of gardens and landscapes in the Indian subcontinent, with links to related sites

London Landscape Guide - Guide to historic and modern gardens and landscapes in London, England.

Museum of Garden History - The recreation of a historic knot garden and the history of British gardens and plants are included as is a virtual visit to several exhibits at the museum.

Shiga Project - The Japanese Garden - A research project on Japanese gardens, by 16 American students who were in Japan in 1996

Spirit of Gardening - Quotes, proverbs, articles, history, humor, links, and resources for the gardener.

U.K. Database of Historic Parks and Gardens - A searchable database of Historic Parks and Gardens in the UK