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Gay Lesbian Bisexual

Albert Kennedy Trust - Providing safe, supportive homes for young lesbian, gay and bisexual people who would otherwise be homeless or in a hostile environment.

Bi Community News - Monthly newsletter for UK bisexuals

Chaos/Order - Information on the London queercore scene and links to info about Club V.

City Bi City - The UK section of this excellent guide to bisexual-oriented web pages

Clone Zone - Queer chain of stores selling clothes, videos, magazines, toys and whatever.

Digital Diversity - Digital Diversity aims to use the Internet and its technologies to promote communications between lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and provides services that use those technologies.

FREE Gay UK Java Chat - Free access to our own room in GAY.COM's marvellous Chat system. The UK section is divided into dozens of areas - so you can chat away to your heart's desire with guys from you own LOCAL area! Java-enabled web browser required.

Freedom UK - A UK-based resource for shopping, personals, gossip, news and the Global Gay Guide Index. Also includes Gay Shockwave Games for your entertainment.

Gay Bikers' Motorcycle Club - A club for lesbians and gay men, primarily in the UK and Ireland, who share a common interest in motorbikes and motorcycling.

Gay Birders Club - A club for lesbian and gay birdwatchers, particularly active in Scotland, including a list of birdwatching events and articles.

Gay Chat Room - @ Talk to other UK gay guys in this gay male chat room.

Gay Outdoor Club - Promoting GLB outdoor sports activities including walking, mountaineering, swimming, caving, cycling, climbing, canoeing, snowboarding and badminton.

Gay Youth UK - The home page of the Gay-Youth-UK mailing list for gay, lesbian and bisexual youth aged under 25 in the UK. Plus links to other LGB resources and a personals section.

GayMan Magazine - @ A new UK gay online magazine with news, views and reviews. Also offers free UK internet access, competitions and gay chat rooms.

GayOne Internet - @ A free internet service provider (ISP) for gay people.

Internet UK Gay Guides - @ A collection of UK gay information / entertainment web sites. Contains links to Adult sites.

Kenric - A nationwide organisation for lesbians in the UK. Newsletter, events and a slight London bias.

LAGER - Lesbian & Gay Employment Rights. Campaigns for employment rights for lesbian and gay people.

LAGPA - The Lesbian and Gay Police Association. Network actively working for lesbian and gay officers within the police forces of Great Britain.

Lesbian Archive & Information Centre - LAIC, hosted at the Women's Library in Glasgow, contains the UK's largest & most significant collection of materials about lesbian lives, histories & achievements.

London Bi-Women Group - A social and discussion group for bisexual women in London. Discriminates against pre-op transsexuals.

Long Yang Club London - The London branch of an international organisation that provides an understanding and supportive social environment for gays from East and West.

Queer Resources Directory - UK mirror of the original internet LGBT resource. Started in 1991, the QRD is a collaborative project with thousands of contributed text files on every queer subject.

Rank Outsiders - A support and campaigns group for gay, lesbian and bisexual forces personnel, past and present.

River Gay UK Site - A friendly site with pictures, chat, news, club and bar info and pics. Home of XS Magazine: DJ and music news, film and TV stuff. Also original pictures of gay London and celebrities.

School's Out! National - An organisation of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transpersons working in education.

SoNow - Daily news stories, the best gay writers in the UK, homepages, webcams, chatrooms, forums, webspace for visitors' own homepages.

Spice Up Your Life - LGB personal ad services and scene information; a personal site with a lot of good content

UK.Gay-Lesbian.Bi - Guide to the News Group of the same name.