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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Student Groups

Aberdeen, University of - Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Society. Very minimal page, but has the essential details.

Aberystwyth, University of Wales - LGB Society. Just contact details.

Belfast, Queens University - LGB Society. Contact details, meeting times and some general info

Bradford University - LGB Society. Diary, contact details and meeting times, plus a good set of resources

Brighton, University of - Les-Gay-Bi-Soc. Meeting dates and details, local info and some special colour schemes.

Brighton, University of Sussex - LGBT Society. Up-to-date events guide, contact details and info about Brighton and beyond

Brunel University - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Society. Contacts, events details and local links.

Cambridge University - Students' Union LesBiGay Society. Comprehensive site offering events, news and all sorts of stuff.

Cardiff University - LGB Students. In Welsh and English, with news, views and information.

Central Lancashire, University of - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Society. Contact details only at this time.

Derby, University of - LGB Group. Description and contacts.

Dundee University - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Society. Not terribly up to date, but carries some useful information.

Durham, University of - Mauve: the website of the LGB Association. Fun and upbeat site. Very glam!

East Anglia, University of - UEA LGB Society. Events, contact details, all the good stuff.

Edinburgh, Napier University - Gay and Lesbian Society. Fairly up-to-date, contacts, events details and helpful info.

Edinburgh, University of - Sexual Freedom Society. Group devoted to social change and freedom from sex rules.

Edinburgh, University of - BLOGS, the LGBT Society. Details of events, meetings and resources, plus a scene guide for Edinburgh.

Essex, University of - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Society. Contact details, events and links.

Glamorgan, University of - LGB Society. Info about the group, contact details and events.

Glasgow University - Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Society. Not vast, not terribly current, but has the contact info you need.

Glasgow, University of Strathclyde - LGB Society. Very out-of-date page

Hull, University of - LGB Committee. Online LGB Handbook, plus some events anc contact details. Includes a discreet text-only version.

Keele University - LGB Society. Out-of-date site, but with broadly useful info

Leicester & De Montford Universities - LGB Societies joint page. Contact info and a local scene guide

Liverpool John Moores University - LGB Officer. Out-of-date single page, but has contact numbers

London, City University - LGB Society. Just contact details at this time.

London, Imperial College - ICU Welfare LGB page. Brief info page for LGB students

London, Ravensbourne College - LGB Society. Quite a formal page, but with all the info you need

London, South Bank University - Slightly out-of-date page, but with some useful info

Oxford Brookes University - LGB Society. Up-to-date site with lots of info, contact details and links

Oxford, University of - LGB Society. Current, well-maintained page with a What's On section and contact details

Reading, University of - LGB Group. Events, venue guide and details of support available

Sheffield, University of - LGB Committee. Comprehensive set of info, with events, and details of how to contact the committee and get involved in the group

Southampton, University of - LGB Society (formerly PinkSoc). Largely well-maintained site with all the contact and event details you need

St Andrews University - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Society. Up-to-date and fun site with all the usual info.

Warwick, University of - Warwick Pride - LGBT society. Comprehensive site, up-to-date events guide and contact and support details

York, University of - LGB students page. Details of the extensive meetings facilities and support