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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender

GENDYS Network - A network for those troubled by their gender identity, and a forum for professional and lay people.

Pamela's Palace - Support and information pages for the UK transsexual. Links to support groups, and mailing lists. Lay-person's guide to transsexualism. Information for transgendered children and adolescents through Mermaids.

Press for Change - Campaigns to achieve equality for all transgendered people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change.

Cristianos Laser Clinic - Hair removal clinic specialising in serving the transgender community in the UK.

In-Time Studio - A London-based beauty and photographic studio for transgendered people. Also providing make-up lessons and beauty treatments. A selection of products are also available.

Translinx - Transgender personal ads, many useful links, heavily sponsored with commercial advertising

Beaumont Society - A national UK-based self help association for transvestites & transsexuals

Gender Trust - A support group for transsexuals, transgenderists and those who care for them.

Northern Concord - Manchester-based social and self-help group for cross-dressers, transvestites and transsexuals and their partners.

Terri Anne's Transgender World - Transgender information, help and support for TG/TV/TS people everywhere