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Alex Glendinning - Many resources for UK genealogists, plus Channel Islands, Hungarian, Asian and doctor-specific information.

Clan Montgomery Society International - Welcome to the official home of Clan Montgomery Society International. These pages contain information about CMSI, our history, our genealogy, and what we are doing to promote the surname Montgomery.

Cyndi's List - UK and Ireland section of a global genealogy site. Wide range of information and links.

Emery Paper (Version 4) - A concise guide to researching British ancestry both locally and at a distance. Everything the family historian wants to know about the IGI, using parish registers, the Civil Registration system, the 19th century Census returns and dozens of other archives, indexes and sources, with all the costs, contacts, addresses and tips a professional or amateur researcher could ever need. (Updated January 1999) Copyright: Ashton Emery

First Geneology - A service to look up ancestors from England & Wales - and to obtain certificates from the Family Records Office, London.

FreeBMD - FreeBMD stands for Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths. The FreeBMD Project's objective is to provide free Internet access to the Civil Registration index information for England and Wales.

Gentrace the genealogy page - Gentrace . . . Family History Research Facility in the UK with over 20 years experience in genealogical research

Hale Family History - Research into the Hale name from the west of England and South Wales. Contains many extractions from census returns, parish registers and town directories.

Irish Millennium Family Register

Lookup United Kingdom - Find lost friends and family online in the UK. With genealogical search facility.

Pedigrees and People of the United Kingdom - Excellent GENEALOGY site with Hundreds of Indexes, covering births,deaths,marriages particular to the United Kingdom. First class help from the Webmistress, Sheila Jones.

Public Record Searches - I search the records held by the Public Record Office in London for clients whose family history has individuals who served in the military/navy or in colonial positions in 17th to 19th centuries. I also research historical subjects including pre-Revolutionary North America.

Ron Taylor's UK Census Finding Aids and Indexes - Devoted to the free distribution of UK Census Index Data.

Society of Genealogists - Our Library is the foremost in the British Isles with a large collection of family histories, civil registration and census material, and the widest collection of Parish Register copies in the country (over 9,000). They are arranged with local histories, poll books and directories, other topographical material, and the publications of county records and archaeological societies.

The UK Electoral Registers Name and Address Search - UK Electoral Register name and Address look-up service for missing friends and lost relatives -- Service for FEE

The UK Electoral Registers Name and Address Search - UK Electoral Register name and Address look-up service for missing friends and lost relatives

UK Genealogy Ring - Webring of UK genealogy sites.

Alan's Genealogy & Cheshire, England Page - Extensive selection of information and links featuring genealogy in Cheshire, England and Worldwide.

Ashmolean Museum - Brass Rubbings

Bert's English Genealogy - family history and useful links

Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry - for the counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Black Country Pages - Genealogy, history and geography of the Black Country towns situated in the English Midlands to the North and West of Birmingham. Links to local sites, genealogy brick-walls pages plus old maps and photographs.

Censuses of Gloucestershire, South Warwickshire and Bristol - available to purchase on CD

Cyndi's List - England - More than 54,250 links! 43,400 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 100 categories. Another 10,800+ uncategorized new links in the works.

England Genealogy - Gen201 - Iowa Digital Education Association

EnglandGenWeb - Comprehensive research of England and her counties - part of the WorldGenWeb Project

Essential Easington - Information on Easington, County Durham and the surrounding area, including Parish Registers and Records, plus links to other sites of use.

Family history research by Oultwood - Genealogical research results for various families in England displayed in the form of family relationship pages.

Ian G Brennan - Contemporary Sculptor and Woodcarver to the British Royal Household, also specializing in Corporate and Private commissions of Coats of Arms and Crests in Wood and Bronze

Jeff Alvey Genealogy History Heraldry Home - The Alvey family, heraldry, Newgate prison and executions

Look-up Exchange - The England section of a list of UK genealogy records that volunteers are prepared to search

MJF's Web Assortment - War memorial, Churchname lists and 19th Century maps for a selection of counties

Norman's Nook - Genealogy data relating to my family, plus all data whether related or not plus census data

Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades - for instance if someone was a Legerdemainist, what exactly did they do for a living? This list will tell you - exclusive historical images & unique transcripts, ideal for framing, by mail order. view the Pilgrim Fathers Monument & the Abbey of Thornton

Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville - Transcription of William Urmston Searle Glanville-Richards book of 1882.

Sharon's Genealogy Pages - Genealogy research in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Allbury and Albury Family History - This site contains information on the Allbury family and invites fellow family historians to make contact

Bagnall - Site by Stuart Bagnall tracing the roots of his surname.

Ball & Balls family Tree & History.1806 - 1999. - Starts with Henry Balls (1806) Turvey Bedfordshire then moves to South End Green, London. Henry John (1836). Maynard Ball in Walsall,West Midlands.(1889)

The Birtley Family - Information about the history of the Birtley Family of Northumberland and Durham

Boutall, Harry 1926 -2000 - Harry Boutall, MBE, BA, IEEE, BBC, ITA, IBA, Television, Morden, Epsom, Andover

Branscombe - Home page for Ronald Branscombe and Branscombe, Brownscombe, Branscum, Branscome and Branscomb family history worldwide. Information about the village of Branscombe, Devon, England

Chapman's Family History - by Steve Chapman

Chicken - One-Name Study of Chicken Surname, linked to Great Western Railway, Steam Engines and Steam Ships and Early Colliery Engines, Victoria Cross, Indian Mutiny

Clendon family history - The Clendon family has been traced back to the 15 C in Northamptonshire England, and later Kent.

Craddock Families of England & Wales - A one-name-study of the surname CRADDOCK (and variants) in England & Wales

The Custance Web Site - A website dedicated to the research of the surname Custance

Diccox/Dickox family history - A contact for anyone researching the surname DICCOX or DICKOX

Farrell Family - Farrell family page created in an effort to find members of my mother's family who originated in Lambeth, SRY, ENG and who also have Australian connections

Harnwell Genealogy - a very rare name that originates in the Norfolk-Suffolk border area of England

Hart Family Web - Genealogy site including research in Essex, Lincoln with links to Fermanagh, Ireland and New South Wales Australia

Heenan Directory - Information and email contact for members of the Heenan family - wherever they find themselves!

The Larkman Page - the meaning of the name, family history and associated links

Legg Family History - The ancestors of my children contain over 1800 people, and growing

Madge - Genealogy vital records - Of interest to those with the surname Madge

Masters Family - The Masters family genealogy of Charlecote, Budbrooke, Hampton-on-the-Hill, Hampton Lucy, Wellesbourne, Warwick, and Birmingham

Minney - World-wide one name study on MINNEY and MINNELL.

Osborn Family History - well researched and presented genealogy information

Overend Family Tree - containing information on the Overends of Kildwick in Craven with details of other Genealogy researchers throughout the world

Pedigree of the Heaton Family - Pedigree chart of the Heaton Family from Lancashire 1100-1900.

Priestnall Family Genealogy - A genealogy study of the Priestnall family with emphasis on data collected, including transcripts of wills, census records, parish registers, etc

The Prime Family History Centre - Historical archives of a Global One-Name Study of the name PRIME

Richmond - Genealogy of the Richmond family from Burnham-on-Crouch and Maldon

Rowden - Assistance to help you search for your Rowden family

Sears - information about the Ancestors of Richard Sears, my 10th Great-Grandfather, including the early Kings and Queens of England

The Sharman Page - Sharman, also Sherman, Sheerman, Shearman

Sherwood - family, tree, genealogy

Stansfield family ancestry - Information about the ancestry of the Stansfield family from Calderdale, England plus a family history.

The Stansfield family ancestry page - Ancestry of the stansfield family in Calderdale England from 1066 to 1870 for researchers of the family name

Stockdill Family History Society - devoted to researching the origins of this uncommon surname and to tracing the ancestry of Stockdill families around the world

The Strudwick family - The Sunstruck Forest

Tittensor Family Database - Tittensor Family Tree online database from George Tittensor born 1738 in Newcastle, Staffordshire

Trivett - family history 1040 - 1999

The Turner Family - of Hertfordshire

Woolvett's Domain - A genealogy site with a searchable database of approx' 2700 names worldwide

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Welcome to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). NARA is the government agency responsible for overseeing the management of the records of the federal government. NARA ensures, for the Citizen and the Public Servant, for the President and the Congress and the Courts, ready access to essential evidence that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience.

British Columbia Archives and Records Service Welcome to the British Columbia Archives, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  The British Columbia Archives is the central archives service for the government of British Columbia, and provides research access to records of enduring value to the province for both the provincial government and public clientele.

Canadian National Archives The National Archives of Canada preserves Canada's archival heritage, and makes it available to Canadians through a wide variety of means - publications, exhibitions, special events, as well as reference and researcher services.

Founded in 1872, the Archives' collections today include millions of records, including texts, photographs, films, maps, videos, books, paintings, prints and government files, that bring the past to life. We encourage all members of the public to visit the National Archives of Canada - to pursue a special field of research, to view the constantly changing exhibitions, to learn more about Canada's rich and diverse heritage.

Michael Cooley's Genealogy OnlineProvides links to genealogical collections, software and vendors as well as to other resources often sought after by genealogists, such as libraries, universities, historical collections, government and more. Links to additional Web directories and to other Santa Cruz sites are also included.

Matt Helm's Genealogy ToolboxThe Genealogy Toolbox contains several resources beyond a simple list of links. We provide users an easy way to find information by including a search engine for each of the component sites and abstracts for each link so that users will know something about the resource before taking the time to access it. We also have one of the most popular (as well as oldest) query pages on the Internet. Another unique resource is the "all-in-one" online registration form for new genealogy sites on the Internet. You can register new URLs on several of the most popular genealogy sites on the Internet from one convenient place.

Penn State Genealogy ArchiveA number of general and specific genealogy help and information files are available from the ROOTS-L Library, which is associated with the ROOTS-L mailing list. Some of the features of the collection include FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Files, lists of documents held by the Library of Congress that have state names in their titles, and archives of the ROOTS-L mailing list. An introduction to this archive is available.

Ancestral Findings - Free searches of the following genealogy CDs: birth, census, death, and marriage indexes, veterans' schedules, and ship passenger lists.

Carpathian Connection - Genealogy for those researching ancestors from Eastern Europe with focus on those who came to the United States.

Cemetery Interment Lists on the Internet - Indexed directory of links to webpages that provide cemetery burial records, tombstone inscriptions, and graveyard inventories for cemeteries across the world.

Census Online - Census sites on the web.

Country Abbreviations from the RSL - Roots surname list country abbreviations.

Family History Archive Library - Online Family Research Databases. Family History Index, Coat of Arms Index, Family Tartan and Clan Lookup, Family Crests and Motto database, and surname origins.

Family History Show - Network radio talk show on family history. Broadcast live on the internet through KTSA radio in San Antonio.

Genealogical Research Library - Daughters of the American Revolution.

Genealogical Web Sites Watchdog - Lists web sites which provide misleading or inaccurate genealogical information.

Genealogy Bulletin - Provides advice for family researchers wanting answers to genealogy questions.

Genealogy in Eastern Europe - Resources, facilities and links for persons involved in genealogical research in Eastern Europe.

GenSwap - Swap genealogy data, find links to online data, lists of free lookups, genealogy professionals, and a genealogy bookstore.

GenTech - An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to educating genealogists in the use of technology for gathering, storing, sharing and evaluating their research.

Index - South African Genealogy

International Black Sheep Society - Mailing list for all those who have a dastardly, infamous individual of public knowledge and ill-repute in their family.

Journal of Online Genealogy - Aids the genealogical community in promoting and developing online projects, technologies, and methods of research.

Librarians Serving Genealogists - Information for librarians who provide services to genealogists

Lowlands Language List - A set of resource guides for Lowlands languages: Afrikaans, Dutch, Frisian, Low Saxon (Low German), and Scots.

Numbering Systems In Genealogy - A page on numbering systems used in recording people in genealogy by Richard A. Pence.

Olive Tree Genealogy - Genealogy and primary source documents, history.

Our Lost Family - Genealogy, passenger lists, ships, surname search, census, military, research addresses and some really great links.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - Genealogy research tool, lists volunteers who will do legwork in the area where they live for others far away.

ROOTS-L: The Internet's First Genealogy Mailing List - ROOTS-L is a mailing list for people who are interested in genealogy.

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative - Features new and updated information.

RootsWeb Guest Page Register - Features new and updated information.

Search Features Available for a RootsWeb Mailing List - Search Features for a RootsWeb Mailing List

Search Soc.genealogy.surnames Posts - Search Soc.genealogy.surnames posts.

Soundex Machine - A web page that does Soundex coding automatically. Soundex coding is an important first step for beginning genealogical research in the census holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Vanished History Mall - History and genealogy resources likely to be used by professionals in history, family history, and genealogy, and amateurs interested in family research and historical information.

Wills on the Web - Wills of celebrities and ordinary people, 1493-1998.

City Gallery - 19th Century Photography and the FamilyCity Gallery is dedicated to promoting the history of portrait gallery photographers and view publishers of the nineteenth-century and to the preservation and interpretation of their images, which overflowed family albums and brought the world into every parlor.

Italian Genealogy This page allows you to chat with other Italian genealogists, also has info on family records.

National Genealogy SocietyThis site shows how to become a member of the National Genealogy Society. The site also has an education support service, links to other sites, and info on a home study course.