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Genealogy Italian Surnames

Aldo Valerio's Genealogy Home Page - Genealogy of the VALERIO, PONTIERO, COIA, FRAIOLI, DI MEO, DI CICCO, MARCUCCILLI, VERRECCHIA families.

Cimino Family - Sicilians in America - The Cimino family and others originating from Cefalu, PA, and elsewhere in Sicily. Surnames: CIMINO, ZITO, TAMBURO, PROVENZA, FERTITTA, CENTO, NOTO, D'ANTONI. Links to other Cefalu and Cefalu-centric sites.

Cognomi di Origine Veneta - Tutti i cognomi delle famiglie nobili di Venezia e del Trevigiano. (Surnames of the noble families of Venice and the Trevigiano)

The DiRisio Family Name Page - This page is dedicated for DiRisio's all around the world.

Families from Marano Marchesato, Cosenza, Calabria, Italia - An accumulation of pedigrees and other genealogical data from the town of Marano Marchesato, province of Cosenza, region of Calabria, country of Italy.

Families of Poggioreale, Sicily - Genealogy of families of Poggioreale, Sicily: DeNina, DiBenedetto, Loria, Varisco(Guarisco).

GENS-Everybody Has a Name - After a surname is entered, this web site can show where people with that name currently live in Italy. There is also a section on Italian first names along with their meaning, etimology and origin.

Italian Surnames - Links to other web sites, which are each devoted to a particular Italian surname.

Lancione & Fusco from Scanno / Coca & Pagliuca from Muro Lucano - Information about Scanno and Muro Lucano; Italy and Italian genealogy links; family tree of Coca, Pagliuca, Lancione, Fusco, Di Napoli.

Lilitaly, Genealogy Page for all Italians - Researching the surnames SPANO, BARNAO, BENEDETTO, FONTI, DeMOLA, BURTCHELL, TESORIERI.

PICCOLI Family Site - Piccoli genealogy and history.

Rossi Family of Central Islip, NY, USA - This site contains family history information for the Rossi, Kinsella and McNamara branches of our family. (Rossi branch is in Italian)

Surnames recorded in Abruzzo, Italy - Surnames listed by municipality with frequency tables in Abruzzo, Italy