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Government Search Engines

CIA World Factbook

The CIA knows everything, so next time you want the skinny on any country--its climate, population statistics, telephone system, anything--get it from the guys who know. This NexTrieve search of the government database is a great complement to the data.


CADDET is an International Energy Agency program responsible for collecting and disseminating information on demonstrated, energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies. The program focuses on demonstration projects on full-scale applications of new technologies. By utilizing information from this international information network, you can find out what energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies have worked in other countries and how you can benefit from their application. You can also submit projects on demonstrated energy-saving technologies to be reviewed as potential CADDET products.

CCSO Phonebook Server

Weighing in with data from more than 300 universities and organizations, this University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign directory collects phone lists. You search for an organization, then search for a name.

Economic Conversion Information Exchange (ECIX)

OECI is a collaborative initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Department of Defense. OECI is a free service that provides information about defense adjustment and defense conversion, economic development and technology transfer. Our database contains a compendium of government programs and a host of other materials designed to assist businesses, communities and workers affected by defense budget cutbacks and other economic development challenges.

Infomine: Government Information

INFOMINE is intended for the introduction and use of Internet/Web resources of relevance to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level. It is being offered as a comprehensive showcase, virtual library and reference tool containing highly useful Internet/Web resources including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, listservs, online library card catalogs, articles and directories of researchers, among many other types of information. .

Internal Revenue Service Forms and Publications

This U.S. Treasury search is not only a good way to find a printable 1040 online; it also turns up such publications as the Tax Tips newsletters.

National Science Foundation Awards

Which programs got what kind of funding from the NSF? How much did they get? Here's how to get the scoop on all the NSF awards since 1989, from raw figures to abstracts and program managers.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

This Tennessee-based government lab contains information servers on everything from computational science and transportational analysis to neutron scattering and the Human Genome Project.

OSHA Computerized Information System (OCIS)

as OSHA regulations, federal register notices, technical manuals, and more.

RAND Abstracts

Researching the field of public policy, the environment, and other social topics? Check the RAND database for abstracts of research papers you can order online.

SBA Online

Starting a small business? Financing it? Trying to expand it? The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) contains a wealth of resources for U.S. businesses. Find the text in here.

U.S. Code

The Internet Law Library, brought to you by the House of Representatives and Personal Library Software, provides this searchable database with the proviso that if you're using it for legal research, you should verify it with the printed version.

U.S. Constitution

Do you really understand your First Amendment rights? Check the wording and everything else in the Constitution from this site, which also has a scanned image of the original.

United States Internal Revenue Code (26 USC)

This edition of Title 26 of the U.S. Code (the tax code) isn't owned or operated by a government body. It's a labor of love. The HTML document is translated from government-published data--all 99 chapters, 9,722 sections, and 274 rules of it.


Stardot Consulting's oddly named page tells you the name of your representative or senator, along with their address, phone number, email, and Web page (if they're wired enough to have one).