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Barton's Den of Iniquity - Advice for the lovelorn, gynecological adventures, tampon reviews, true stories, horoscopes and online harrassment resources.

Beverly's World - This site explores Beverly's personal and political interests which include socialism, road travel, billards, tattoos and much more!

Beyond the Kitchen Sink - A web mum loose on the net. An eclectic mix of humour, rant, links and a dog.

BratGirl's Profile - A collection of pages designed to pick you up and make you smile as well as info about the creator of the pages.

Bust : The Voice of the New Girl Order - Offers a lounge, stories, Bust mail, chat and a look at the girl wide web.

Click - Dwelve into an angsty teenager's ecceltic, detailed descriptions of every day life and their thoughts, including a complete multi-media portfolio.

Cybergrrl - Transforming women's lives through technology.

CyberWomen: Diva - Here you'll find feminart, health, relations, g-sites, advice, femail, postcards and Diva's Zine.

Darkside Girls - A community of female fans of Undertaker and Kane (WWF wrestlers) who also happen to share common interests in other areas. Includes sections for Undertaker and Kane, UFOs, ghosts, and artwork.

Dykediva's Home Page - A lesbian grrl page featuring advice, rants and skaterGrrls.

Estronet - Articles, stories and affiliated grrl sites. Updated daily.

Evonne Tran's Corner of the World - The homepage of Evonne Tran, a woman out for it all

GeekGirl - A cyberfeminist hyperzine on cyberlifestyles, fashion, music, articles and merchandise. Presented by Spyfood. [Requires Flash4]

Girl Posse Gab - A hip e-zine for women and grrls on the web. Reviews, advice, contests, shopping, music, horoscopes, greeting cards and movies.

Girlie Style - A collective of web designers and writers with a focus on the female. News, members, profiles, links and information.

Girls Kick Butt - Site for girls with profiles of girls that kick butt. Development stages of a great site for girls to interact with other girls with a can do attitude. Also offers GKB gear for sale.

Girls On - Chicks, flicks, and politicks. Now reviewing movies, tv shows and books - have your say as well. - What every girl needs to know. Features, articles and shopping for females relating to fashion, beauty, health, work, men and activities for having a GirlsNight

GirlStuff - A useful resource with links to hundreds of books about growing up, clothing and personal hygene products.

Green Girl Records - Haay! Green Girl is a SF based indie label started by Amy Cray. Our plan is to promote respect, tolerance, and celebration of diversity through creative expression.

GRRL - GRRL (aka Bonnie) has been running her site since 1996, looking at dating, life, all that is "phreaky" and the latest finds at eBay.

Grrl Mecca - A place where girls, women can come to rant and rave, read poetry and hang out.

Heartless Bitches - A fun site for women to embrace their inner bitch. Outrageous e-mail cards, quotes from the perfect man, tales from the heartless and free e-mail.

Hissyfit - "One girl, one world, one web site, and lots to complain about. Hissyfit, where you're entitled to our opinion."

The Kewl Gurl Club - A place for teen girls to express themselves. Yahoo! Club page, advice column, contests, message board, inspirational writings and jokes.

Kicking + screaming - Come read about a grrl with angst

The Land of Milk and Honey - Where smart, sassy women congregate. Hosted by the lovely geeKsuperstar. Discuss, read, contribute, or just look at the pretty pictures.

Maxi - An online zine where you can have your say too.

Mendaciloquent - Art, photography, writings and more by a girl from Tacoma, Washington. - Humor, advice, sex tutorials, Submit-a-Jerk, and they all new Submit-A-Prince make MenSuck more fun than a barrell of monkeys!

- Virtual clubhouse for women who love metal. Requires Flash.

mira speaks - welcome to an in depth look at the mind of your "average" teen girl. explores one teens thoughts on many issues. web zine coming soon.

M-Power-Mint: A Girl's E-Zine - Toungue-in-cheek horoscopes, quizes, and other fun stuff, real poems, freewrites, stories, and other areas where girls can show their true feelings.

NrrdGrrl! - Deals with womens issues from the Grrl point of view. This site also features the Grrrowl e'zine.

Onion Girl - Online journal about the struggles of a college woman, angst and depression, poetry and cam pictures.

Please Check Yer Sanity at the Door - Tanya Territory - Lemon Baseball, friends, links, survey, Diablo, Trip and contact information.

Quasi Zine - Perzine with articles, personal writings, photography, animal rights, comics and hair dye.

Riot Grrrl Queens - A resource for the Riot Grrrl Chapter in Queens, New York. Information on the riotgrrrl movement and other girl collectives and activists in NYC.

RiotGrrl - Weekly updates from these rioters on pop culture and sexuality.

Selected Thoughts From an Iranian American Woman - This site contains the subliminal perambulations of my female psyche as I question my societal position as an Iranian-American woman through the loose wanderings of poetic structures.

SpaceGirl - Dastardly Good - Art, fun, reviews, an online journal in the works.

Subtle Femininity - Collection of rants. Some are about really minor and inconsequential things, also reflective, introspective, insightful and funny.

Swirl, Whirl, Twirl and Hurl - Changing the world with punk rock, feminism, and all forms of art.

Tiara grrrl*s homepage - Fashion, music, quotes, jokes, and thoughts on feminism.

Too Much Sugar, Too Little Ram - Info on safe sex, men, a just a girl's random thoughts. Informative enough to keep you there through the whole site.

Tuff Femme - Home for the Confrontational Woman - A place for strong minded, strong bodied and strong spirited women. With weekly updates.

Violet Crimes - the zine

Wench - What do you think of when you hear the word "wench"? How about women who tell it all - how it is and how it should be.

Whirling Cervix - The on-line version of my fabulous paper zine, Whirling Cervix. It's ranting, raving, feminist fun, and it's been totally revised and overhauled for your viewing pleasure.

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