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Gulf War Illness

Advanced Techniques For Overcoming CFS, FMS and GWS. - The #1 Site On The Internet For Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome.

American Gulfwar Veterans Association - Their goal is to provide information and obtain treatment for service members and families who experience Gulf War Illness.

Bibliography: Cleanup of Radiation Sites - Since depleted uranium has done extensive damage to residents there, since the Gulf War, these annotated links may relate to Gulf War Illness.

Burning Semen Syndrome - Question of relatedness to Gulf War Syndrome. Univ of California Med School section.

Desert Storm Assistance Foundation - Assistance for those affected and afflicted with Gulf War Illnesses

Desert Storm Vet Center - The site creates a friendly, supportive atmosphere while providing a collection of good resource links for Gulf War veterans and family members.

Gulf Veterans' Illnesses - Official UK (British) Ministry of Defense website devoted to Gulf Veterans' Illnesses.

The Gulf War Health Center - Walter Ried Medical Center program to provide an expedited, accessible, and multidisciplinary continuum of care (the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program) for those with Gulf War-related health concerns.

Gulf War Illness Developments-Army Press Release - Official Public Affairs release of information concerning possibility of exposure of troops to chemical agents, from 4-15 Mar 1991, while destroying munitions in the pit at Khamisiya.

Gulf War Syndrome - Information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories, and much more.

Gulf War Syndrome - Gulf War Syndrome news, links, reports and background information.

Gulf War Syndrome (1997 Study) - Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have concluded that some Gulf War veterans are suffering from three primary syndromes indicating brain and nerve damage caused by wartime exposure to combinations of low-level nerve agents and other common chemicals.

Gulf War Syndrome Defined: Evidence and Conclusions - An indepth article on Gulf War Syndrom. A fathers mission at the request of his son, who gave the ultimate sacrafice for his country.

Gulf War Syndrome Message Board - Healthboards.Com message boards on health related topics, this board dedicated to discussion on Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Syndrome Skeptic's page - Gulf War Syndrome Skeptic's page -- links to articles and resources skeptical of claims made by 'victims' of Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Syndrome: The Case For Multiple Origin Mixed Chemical/ - Over 4,000 U.S. veterans of the Gulf War suffering from a myriad of illnesses collectively labelled Gulf War Syndrome are reporting symptoms of muscle and joint pain, memory loss, intestinal and heart problems, fatigue, running noses, urinary urgency, diarrhea, twitching, rashes, and sores. [Staff Report to U.S. Senator Donald W. Riegle, Jr.]

Gulf War Syndrome Treatment and Prevention - A wide rage of helpful Gulf War Syndrome information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories and much more. Updated regularly.

Gulf War Syndrome (Veterans Administration FAQ) - US Veterans Administration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Syndrome-Subject Index - New York Times Online. Archives of news articles on Gulf War Illness. First time users must set a password to view content.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages - A single source information center for the Gulf War veteran. Complete with scheduled live chat sessions, discussion groups, and mailing lists. The site also publishes a comprehensive self-help guide for victims of Gulf War Syndrome.

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses - US Veterans Administration Homepage for veterans of the Persian Gulf War. Support information, resources, and archives of the Gulf War Review newsletter.

GulfLINK FAQ - Gulf War Syndrome - Department of Defense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and topics of interest list with regard to Gulf War Syndrome.

Help Section of WISE Uranium Project - Links to Federal Register, Medline biomedical database and many other web sites related to possible causes of and responses to Gulf War Illness. - Clinical Trials pages of U.S. Naval Health Research Center's clinical section, on Gulf War Syndrome

Is Gulf War Syndrome for Real? (Commentary) - Michael Gough, director of science and risk studies at the Cato Institute, questions the validity of Gulf War Syndrome.

Leading Edge Research Group - Gulf War Syndrome Web

Media Information - Gulf War Veterans - Veterans Administration media package on research on Gulf War Syndrome and research conducted by the VA.

Nukes of the Gulf War - Article on Depleted Uranium exposure to troops in the Persian Gulf War.

Office of the Special Assistant for the Gulf War Illnesses - The official WWW Information Service from the Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses - providing the public with recently-declassified documents that may have potential relevance to the illnesses affecting Gulf War Veterans.

Persian Gulf War Syndrome - Chrnic Illness Network's section of (Persian) Gulf War Syndrome implications.

Persian Gulf War Syndrome - Persian Gulf War Syndrome material from ChronicIllNet. Links to resources and a comprehensive reading list on Gulf War Syndrome.

Persian Gulf War Task Force - Publications of the Central Intelligence Agency's Persian Gulf War Illnesses Task Force. This site contains reports of known and suspected storage sites, destruction of chemical munitions, and continued support to the investigation of Persian Gulf War Illness.

Questions about Vaccines - Site asks about connection of vaccines by US Army and Gulf War Syndrome.

Reason magazine - March 1997 - Welcome to the world of Gulf Lore Syndrome. It is a world in which science is replaced by rumor, in which vets are presented as medical experts while real medical experts are ignored.

Riley, 1996 Speech on Gulf War Syndrome - Copy of a paid speech, given by a former Air Force Reserve officer in 1996, claiming that biological warfare was conducted on U.S. military members, and that Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population.

Senate Hearing - United States Dual-Use exports to Iraq and their impact on the health of the Persian Gulf War Veterans. [WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1994]

Shays Committee Release (1996 Study) - New Scientific Study Suggests Immune System Problems May Be a Contributing Factor in Persian Gulf War Related Illnesses

Updates and News Articles - Desert Storm Mom's Veteran Resources

U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs - U.S. Chemical and Biological Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War. [Committee Staff Report No. 3: Chemical Warfare Agent Identification, Chemical Injuries, and Other Findings.]

U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs - Second Staff Report on U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual-Use Exports to Iraq and The Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the War

Pentagon Poison: The Great Radioactive Ammo Cover-Up - Rounds made of depleted uranium have exposed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of G.I.s to radiation without warning -- here's evidence the army knew the danger. [The Nation Online] (May 26, 1997)