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Help for Teens in Trouble

Aspen Youth Services    - Boarding schools, residential treatment, and wilderness programs for teenagers and pre-adolescent children with behavioral problems, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, or other troubled behavior.

Academy at Swift River  - Offers a boarding school, emotional growth assistance, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and residential treatment.

Addiction Resource Guide  - Provides a directory of addiction treatment facilities and programs for professionals and consumers.

Adolescent Mental Health  - Articles on peer pressure, self-esteem, bullying, and other aspects of adolescence.

Adolessons Teen Advice by Lucie Walters  - Lucie Walters writes Adolessons, a syndicated newspaper and online question and answer column for teens. Published every day on the web, she is beginning her 14th year of offering teens anonymous and confidental advice.

Affinity Foundation  - Christian residential program for boys and girls ages 13 - 18 years of age. Provides a program description, academics and tuition.

Alcohol and Other Drug Information for Teens  - FAQs on drug/alcohol abuse plus links to other help pages; created by the National Children's Coalition.

Aspen Academy  - Offers education treatment and rehabilitaion services in a wilderness environment for adolescents who exhibit low self-esteem or lack of motivation.

Aspen Ranch  - Offers an equine assisted boarding school and residential treatment center for teenagers boys and girls ages 13-17. Located in Loa, Utah.

Aunt Martha's Youth Service Center  - A caring community resource for children, youth and families. Aunt Martha's is a private, non-profit, state-licensed youth service agency providing comprehensive community-based programs for children, youth and families. These services include residential, foster care, counseling, education, health, prevention and community action.

Babies Or Our Youth  - Site for young/teen people who are parenting or pregnant. It is run by a young parent and covers many pregnancy and parenting issues.

Because I Love You Parent Support Group  - A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents with troubled children of any age. 

Blue Hills Academy  - Blue Hills Academy emotional growth boarding school for troubled teens (12-16). Offers intervention if your child is angry, has low esteem, defiant behavior, school problems or ADD/ADHD.

Bridgeway Home For Pregnant Teenagers  - Provides residential care, education and support for pregnant and parenting teenagers.

Broken Shackle Ranch  - A youth home for young men, 16-18, who need some direction and guidance. Offers an academic school and vocational training programs. Family-oriented, rural, structured, personal. Non-profit.

Care4Teens  - Refers defiant teenagers to specialty schools dealing with substance abuse, delinquency, emotional issues, and rebellion problems.

Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions  - Offers intensive residential therapy within 21-day wilderness trips in the Pacific Northwest.

Chapman House of Southern California  - Chapman House of Southern California is a state of the art addiction treatment programs that address the core level of one's addiction including breaking denial, detox, rehabilitation, extended care facilities, aftercare and follow-up services.

Child Development Institute  - Provides information on child development, psychology, parenting, health, safety, teens & learning disabilities. Also offers news, research & discussion groups. 

Conduct Disorders  - Support group and resource center for families, educators and therapists of children with a behavior disorder; ADHD, ADD, ODD, CD, Depression, OCD, RAD and Bi-Polar.  - Provides health information for teens and young adults to learn about healthy living and medicine including, anxiety , stress, depression, drugs, eating disorders, pregnancy and rape.

Copper Canyon Academy...Helping the Youth of Today  - Copper Canyon Academy helps teenage girls who have problems with drugs, alcohol abuse, defiant behavior, ADD, ODD, Eating Disorders, Poor Grades, And all other problems with today's society.

Cornerstone Programs  - Offers 6 residential treatment programs for juvenile offenders, employment opportunities and resources.

Covenant House For Kids  - Advice on dealing with common problems faced by teens. Information about the Nineline, a 24-hour nationwide toll free hot-line providing immediate crisis intervention.

CrossCreek4Teens  - Refers defiant teenagers to specialty schools dealing with substance abuse, delinquency, emotional issues, and rebellion problems. 

The DreamTree Project  - Serving young people (ages 12-24) and their families in Taos, NM with a Youth Shelter, Transitional Living Center and a Wilderness Therapy Program.

Effective Parenting Strategies  - Professional parenting advice from James Windell on children with behavior problems and ADD/ADHD. Also offers workshops, parent quiz, columns, books and articles.

Excell Center  - Excell Center provides residential treatment and educational services to at-risk youth in Turlock California. 

Familyhood - Creating Happier Families  - Parenting resources designed to teach effective parenting of teenagers and strengthening of the family.

Focus Adolescent Services  - Resources, information, and support for parents and professionals. Also has listings of schools, treatment centers, support groups and hotlines.

Freevibe  - Teen approach to peer pressure, anti-drug message and the media. Personal stories, online games, and message boards.

Future Expectations Today  - Treatment Center for Teens and Loving Adults.

Girls and Boys Town  - National organization that offers help, hope and healing to abused, abandoned, neglected, handicapped or otherwise troubled children. Many locations throughout the United States.

Godolphin School  - Founded in 1726, Offers a boarding school for girls with a current enrollment of 400 girls between the ages of 11 and 18.

Grace Christian Home for Girls  - A Christian group home and boarding school for teen girls experiencing severe behavioral problms. .

Heartlight Ministries  - A residential adolescent Christian counseling center for struggling teens and families with referral service to other programs. .

His Mansion Ministries  - Christians using Biblical counsel to help dysfunctional young adults through farm and church based rehabilitation programs.

Hope Ranch  - Offers a Christian boarding school providing a structured home environment for girls between the ages of 14 and 18 on a working ranch in Whitefish, Montana.

Jimmy Larche Ministries, Inc.  - Providing chaplaincy services for incarcerated kids and aftercare ministry for released youth offenders

Juvenile Justice  - Teen Advoates USA is a non-profit watch-dog group that monitors the safety and well-being of teenagers in private and public locked residential treatment centers and correctional facilities

Keep Your Children Safe  - Prevent your teen from running away or being lured away. What to do first if your child is missing.

Kids in Trouble Help Page  - Site dedicated to helping kids and teens that are being abused, or runaways, or those thinking about running away or suicide. Site also includes emergency phone numbers, and helpful links.

Kids-in-Crisis  - An online resource site for kids and teens who are having difficult life problems and questions and do not know how or where to turn for help. Topics include: suicide, abuse, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual identity, violence, AIDS, runaways, sexually transmitted diseases, and self esteem/self concept.

KIDSRIGHTS  - Produces and distributes helpful, empowering materials for teens, adolescents, parents and professionals.

Let Our Violence End  - L.O.V.E. is a whole community approach that trains groups and individuals how to reach those involved in negative and abusive behaviors.

Mary's Shelter - Teen Pregnancy  - Provides a residential home for adolescent teens. State licensed not-for-profit agency serving young pregnant women in need of a residence. 

Mount Bachelor Academy  - A private therapeutic boarding school dedicated to students who may be struggling in a traditional educational setting. The academy serves boys and girls ages 13 18 and their families

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch  - Offers a non-profit working experience for youth that takes place on the family cattle ranch in Wyoming.

NEO Teen Helpline, Inc.  - A toll-free telephone help line for teens to talk about whatever is bothering them. Staffed by both teens & adults.

NICHCY  - National information center that provides information on disabilities and disability related issues. Children and youth, birth to age 22, are our special focus.

Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge  - Offers a cost free, at-risk teen program working with Oregon residents ages 16-18 who are drug free.

Parent Teen Help  - A place to find guidance and help for troubled teens. Find out what programs and teen help is available.

Parent Watch  - Offers a parent support program that brings professionals together with parents of problem teens in a supportive, problem solving forum.

Parenting Today's Teen  - Provides information, insight and support for parents of teens.  - An online magazine for parents of teens and preteens.  - Students can stop hate, violence, racism, harassment, bullying and drugs. Free message boards for students (teens and pre-teens) moderated by Dr. Marshall Colt, a licensed mental health professional.

Potter Ministry  - A Christian ministry for hurting parents seeking to understand what is happening and where to turn for help.

The Preventative  - Offers suicide prevention information and articles.

Project PATCH  - A Christian licensed residential treatment center for at-risk youth coping with oppositional behavior or dysfunctional homes.

Quality Life  - Answering today's teenage questions on sex, drugs, and personal problems.

Recovery in Action  - Offers solutions and support for adolescents and young adults struggling in their home, school or community as a result of substance abuse and/or behavioral problems.

Resource Association for Teens  - A drop in centre for youth who need a safe place. Counselling, free food, shower facilities, internet access and more. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada.

Ribbon of Promise  - Resource for communication, education, planning and action to end school violence.

Stone Mountain School  - Boarding school specializing in pre-adolescent and teenaged boys with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, emotional issues, and behavioral problems.  - A networking resource for parents and professionals working with teens making poor decisions.

Sunhawk Academy  - Offers programs for improving and developing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of troubled teens and their families.

SUWS  - Therapeutic wilderness intervention program for boys and girls ages 11 -18. Helps adolescents deal with emotional and behavioral problems that have kept them from responding to parental efforts.

Teen Advice Online  - Offers a group of dedicated counselers, a publication, a place to share stories and e-mail advice.

Teen Challenge World Wide Network  - Offers information about centers around the world. We offer help to those with life-controlling problems such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Teen Crisis Center  - Site created to help teens with problems as they come. Email your questions to a teen who is trained in many different crisis solving mothods. 

Teen  - Inviting teens to write for advice from our staff composed of your peers - teens from around the world.

Teen New Horizons  - Committed to helping families with teens who are struggling in life, seminars, programs and resources for substance abuse and runaways.

Teen Outreach Project  - A program to get teens involved in the prevention of domestic violence and dating violence.

Teen Troubles  - E-mail support group for troubled youth who are overwhelmed by life and need someone to talk to.

Teenagers and Mental Health  - Articles on adolescent mental health - depression, suicide, youth violence, substance abuse, sexuality.

Teen-Anon  - Offers information, support and resources for teens with drug or alcohol problems and their families.

Teens in Trouble  - Phone numbers for contacting nationwide programs for teens in any kind of trouble.

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs  - Offers parents a secure, nurturing yet structured residential school for their troubled or defiant teenagers.

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch  - Residential treatment services for at risk youth and their families.

Youth Change  - Provides answers for troubled, at risk adolescents and children. Help for youth who are apathetic, aggressive, dropouts, delinquent, impulsive, emotionally disturbed or depressed.

YouthCare Academy  - Provides a boarding school and residential treatment center for adolescents between the ages 11 and 18 who are experiencing emotional/behavioral or academic difficulties.  - Offering educaton and support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our primary focus is helping youth under the age of 25.

Youths for Youths Teen Center  - Supervised afterschool teen program that provides both social, educational and juvenile prevention programs. Located in Somersworth, NH.


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