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Kid's and Teens Games

All About Coloring  - Offers free downloadable games, Shockwave puzzles, daily animated educational movie, and dozens of printable coloring pages.

American Girl  - Commercial site with fun activities and stories for girls. Choose a net pet, play with web paper dolls, or experience a pioneer adventure.

Arcade Village - Includes classic titles such as Bombarder, Tetris and Hebi as well as some original games.

Apple Corps  - Design different faces on an apple and other fruits and veggies using ears, noses, hats, and mouths.

Archie Comics: Arcade  - Online word games, action games, and puzzles with the Archie characters.

Beanotown  - Features games, quizzes, cool cartoon graphics, the ability to build your own home, and some factual stuff. Requires registration, fee, and parental permission to join.

Billy Beaver's Game Show  - Arcade games, puzzles, mazes, word games, math games, tic-tac-toe, online coloring books, and jokes. The Super Site for Kids  - Brain games, multiplayers, mazes, puzzles, arcade games, and other online activities.

Boowakwala's mazes  - Check out these interactive,simple and yet challenging mazes.

Brain Games  - Puzzles that require strategy and thinking to solve. 

Calypso Land  - Site for Calypso fruit drink. Cartoon characters lead you through various zones. Download screensavers and sounds, even win a mountain bike. 

CBC4Kids  - For kids 8 to 13. Games, jokes, a club house, science experiments and homework help.

Chantessy's Rainbow Magic  - Fun games, puzzles, online coloring, clipart, and mini mysteries to solve.

Charlotte Bear's Magical Kingdom  - Play games, learn to do magic tricks, make toys and crafts, or stop by the wishing well and see the genie.

Cyberkids  - Art, contests, a learning center, shopping, fun and games.

DiscoverySchool's PuzzleMaker  - Offers puzzles, word search games, and educational games. 

BlackDog's Word Games  - All sorts of games, including searches, jumbles, crosswords, cryptograms, tonque twisters, riddles, and interactive Java games.

Detective Shell's Word Search  - Interactive online word search for topics such as basketball, animals, Ancient Egypt, colors, and number words. Requires Shockwave Fun and Games  - New crossword puzzles and word search games each day.

Decoding Nazi Secrets  - Crack the ciphers, send a coded message, and find out what goes on in the minds of code-breakers

Etch-A-Sketch: Cool Games  - Games based on shapes, numbers, letters, and colors. Java and a printer needed for some areas.

Eggy's Arcade  - Collection of games for kids and toddlers.

Elf Qrin's Games  - Wide assortment of games to play include Starvenger, Space Lander, Lemonade Stand, Geomefria, Wordfinder, and Netch.

Farm Fun  - Pick an animal and see what game it takes you to. Contains educational animal and seasonal games. 

Fun Island  - Includes educational and arcade games, puzzles, board games, brain teasers, and prizes.

FunRanch  - A fun place for kids and parents to play free interactive games.  - Large collection of educational games for kids from Pre-K to 6th grade includes Circus Fun, Rivets Adventure, Snowfall, puzzles, brain teasers, and an arcade.

Fun-Attic Great Game List  - Contains instructions on how to play many popular and unique games.

Furby For The Presidency  - See if you can correctly place all 50 states in a map of the United States.

Fake Out  - Choose a word and try to guess its definition. Words grouped by age and ability levels.

Games Kids Play  - Descriptions and rules for dozens of traditional children's games, including indoor and outdoor activities, playground games, and jump rope rhymes.

Game Plan  - Use strategy and logic to solve games and puzzles like 3D Maze, The Cube, Bridges, and Dots.

GameHouse  - Collection of puzzle and action games, Shockwave needed.

The Grass is Greener  - Help Tina the sheepdog move the sheep across the road and enter the other field where the grass is

Grammar Gorillas  - The Grammar Gorillas need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, they get a banana.

Hangman  - All sorts of online variations to the classic game.

SuperKids Spelling Builder - Hangman  - Improve spelling and vocabulary with fun topics ranging from American presidents to rock 'n roll legends. Includes two puzzle sets based on SAT words.

Head Scratchers  - Get clues and unscramble words. Hints optional. greener.

Joe the Dragon's Lair  - Travel virtually to the educational games and puzzles in Joe's lair. Includes math quizzes and word puzzles. Some content requires Flash plug-in.

JayZeeBear's Green Forest  - Come visit the Green Forest for lots of fun learning games.

KiddoNet  - Site offering free net games, e mail, and a home page composer.

Kids Corner - the site just for kids  - Site contains various online games, riddles, and jokes. Interactive games.

Kid's Domain Online Games  - All kinds of online games for kids. Some work with any browser, some use Java, Shockwave, Cocoa, or Roadster. Everything from arcade games and puzzlers to multiplayer games.

Kids Edge  - Contains colorfull shockwave games and activities for children sorted by age group.

Kidsranch  - Collection of well known arcade games to play on the internet. [Java needed]

Kids Corner Slider Puzzle  - All kinds of jigsaws, word searches and concentration games.

Kidz Korner - Javascript Word Puzzles  - Includes java word searches and crosswords.

Kidz Korner  - Games, puzzles, cyberpets, cards, jokes, and coloring pages.

Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles  - Choose from several puzzles created just for kids. New puzzles each month. 

The Kidz Page  - Cool games, puzzles, music, postcards, coloring pages, cyberpets, clipart, and projects for home.

Learn About Ireland  - Games, coloring, and puzzles for kids to learn about ireland - free to download and print off.

Learning Planet Kids Page  - Includes an assortment of educational games suitable for kids from preschool to grade 6.  - Educational online games for kids preschool through sixth grade.

LifeSavers Candystand  - Large collection of Shockwave games and contests. From the LifeSavers Company.

Lycos Cybersurfari Challenge  - Internet treasure hunt leads through 100 exciting and educational web sites looking for clues and treasure. Three different contest dates throughout the year.  - Create cartoons, play challenging games, make wacky creatures, paint digital pictures, design and send animated cards. Discover by doing and create while clicking at this safe and surprising website.

Moove  - The website of a favorite milk drink of the children in Australia offers online games and prizes.

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries  - Solve fun and challenging mysteries, learn a magic trick, and enter a mystery writing contest.

MegaKids  - Three educational games for upper elementary students.

Museum of Web Art  - The Kids Wing, featuring Java-based activities, is supervised by Dot, the Fun Activities Director.

Merriam-Webster's WordCentral.Com  - Offers interactive word games in addition to a student dictionary and Daily Buzzword feature. 

NabiscoWorld Fun Zone  - Free online shockwave games like the Great Teddy Grahams Hunt where kids search the forest to see how many Teddys they can find.  - Offers animated games with favorite Nickelodeon characters such as CatDog, Rugrats, Angry Beavers, and Hey Arnold. Includes a multi-player game, screensavers, and downloads.  - Features stories, learning games and activities for kids such as Blue's Treasure Hunt, Kipper’s Matching game, and Dora the Explorer Puzzle Bridge.

Neopets  - Cyberpets online, as well as related games, chat, news, and messages. Requires free registration. 

Paper Airplanes - Free paper airplane diagrams and instructions. Many different designs by Alex.

Print-n-Play Toys - World Cup 98 board games and soccer fan paper doll. Easy to make sport utility vehicle, haunted house, cow and barn.

Pullman Kids - Shows how to create more than 3 dozen 3-D paper creatures.

Pop-Tarts  - Thousands of original questions, this site engages the "studio audience" in nostalgic interactive entertainment.  - Free educational games for elementary school students. Also offers interactive story books, musical postcards, coloring pages, and stationery.

Printable Games and Activities by iGrandparents  - Printable coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, and word searches.

Puzzle Depot - A listing of puzzles available on the site, with many links to other puzzle sites.

Pauly's Playhouse  - Game packed site features original online games and activities for children 3 and up. All games and activities are fully interactive. Flash player required.

The Peanut Adventure Game  - Virtual adventure game designed for ages 6-10. Become a detective and help set Poly free by solving puzzles and riddles along the way. - Games  - Includes mind games, word games, tests of skill, and educational games for young children.

Polar Pairs  - Java based memory matching game with educational information on each arctic animal.

Polly Pocket  - Watch animations and play games and with Polly Pocket in her cyberworld. Requires Shockwave. for Kids  - Collection of fun educational games. Requires Macromedia Flash plug-in.

DLTK's Pokemon Crafts for Kids - Free printable templates and instructions for Pokemon crafts for kindergarten and grade school kids. 

Kids Domain Pokémon Fun - Online games, computer wallpaper, coloring pages and other pages to print out, games, and software reviews.

KidSpirit - Pokemon - Pokemon themed games, stories, coloring, chat and contests for kids.

ZackTek's Pokemon Connection - Learn how to create a varied Pokemon card deck, learn about those little-known Poke cards, and have fun with some games. 

Riddleopolis  - Riddles test players' knowledge on all sorts of topics. Requires free registration

Syvum Family Fun Zone  - Educational site offers brain teasers, interactive quizzes, stories, and proverbs for the entire family.

SESS.NET Kids Games  - Action with Digininja and challenging games to play online. Requires Flash 4 plug-in.

Suessville Games  - Collection of shockwave and printable games based on the Dr. Suess stories.

Startdl Puzzles  - Contains word and number games, logic puzzles, and anagrams. Includes a section just for kids

Switcheroo Zoo  - Make new creatures at this surrealistic virtual zoo, by switching the animals' heads, legs and tails. Over 6500 possible combinations.  - Secret message scrambler/descrambler and jokes with scrambled answers.

The Trivia Portal  - Enter trivia contests, join the fun trivia community, challenge other players, laugh at jokes, send web cards, meet new penpals, enjoy online games, or read daily comic strips.

The Wacky Shack  - Fun games, puzzles, quizzes, and wack attack jokes.

WorldVillage KidZ
 - Online games, postcards, puzzles, girls and boys picks, screensavers, and clipart offered.

Willy Wonka Candy Factory  - Full of fun games, activities, screen savers, and other cool Wonkanized stuff. Some games require Shockwave.

Wacky Web Tales  - An online equivalent to Mad-Libs. More than four dozen tales to choose among. 

Word Games from  - Nearly 80 word games and puzzles in a protected environment.

Wireless Power Word Game  - Challenging word jumbles posted every week.

You Rule School  - General Mills commercial kids' website. Go to the Laughateria to play lots of games  - Offers cool and zany games, stories, trivia, poems, online polls, and clipart. Requires Macromedia Flash.  - Games, multimedia projects, meta-search, personal calendar and bulletin boards, all for kids.

Anatomy of the Intel Play QX3 Microscope - The QX3 is a microscope that connects to a PC via USB. This site contains copious information about the internals of the QX3.

The Chibi Project - Scientific analysis of the destruction of a toy Chibi Moon figure.

Cybico Dev'rs - Lots of info on hacking and reprogramming the Cybico "wireless handheld computer for teens".

Game Boy Dev'rs - Loads of info for hacking and programming the Nintendo Gameboy.

How Stuff Works: See 'N Say Toy - Close-up interior photos of the See 'N Say toy show how it can make sound without a battery and store 26 different phrases inside.

MCL0712A03 LCD reverse-engineering - Mini color LCD panel used in camcorder viewfinders reverse engineered. A nice example of a challenging reverse-engineering project done cooperatively on the net.

NeoGeo Dev'rs - Hacking and reprogramming the NeoGeo pocket game machine.

HowStuffWorks: Singing Fish - How singing fish like the Big Mouth Billy Bass work. Includes a detailed dissection.