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Kids and Teens Biography Inventors

Alexander Graham Bell - A brief biography of the inventor of the telephone, the telegraph, and nearly 30 other inventions.

Alexander Graham Bell the Inventor - Read how he grew up and what he invented.

More About Bell - About the life of the man who invented the telephone, and lived from 1847 until 1922.

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell - The report of a fifth grade class about the inventor of the telephone.

Who Was Alexander Graham Bell? - He taught the deaf and invented my things that changed human communication, like the telephone, the telegraph, and phonograph

African American Journey: Carver, George Washington - A biography from the publishers of World Book Encyclopedia. Articles: Carver, George Washington - A detailed biography of the African American agriculturist, inventor, and educator known for the development of peanut products.

Black History Month: George Washington Carver - Short profile and photos.

Carver, George Washington - Article from Encarta Encyclopedia offers a short introduction to his life and accomplishments.

George Washington Carver - Revolutionized the southern agricultural economy by showing that 300 products could be derived from the peanut. Also found more than 100 products that could be made from the sweet potato.

George Washington Carver - Short biography and list of facts.

George Washington Carver - Biographical sketch, complete with RealAudio file.

George Washington Carver - Read about the famour African American educator, food scientist, and farmer.

George Washington Carver (1864 - 1943) - A short biography and photo from This Person In Black History.

George Washington Carver: Agricultural Scientist - A detailed biography from the Stamp on Black History project.

George Washington Carver National Monument - Tells about the park that now marks the spot of Carver's childhood home. Also talks about his childhood.

Harmon Collection - Betsey Graves Reneau's 1942 portrait of Carver at work. Includes short biography. George Washington Carver - A brief fact sheet about the scientist, inventor, and educator.

Kulture Kidz: George Washington Carver - Photo and short biography written for early readers.

Who Invented Peanut Butter? - A fun introduction to the life and accomplishments of George Washington Carver

George Eastman - Invented dry rolled film and a handheld camera, as well as other photographic processes.

George Eastman - Brief biography of the inventor of the handheld camera and dry photographic film.

George Eastman, the Man - Biography of George Eastman who developed the handheld camera and various photographic processes.

The Wizard of Photography - The story of George Eastman and how he transformed photography.

Edison After Forty - A Smithsonian photo-album providing a look into the latter half of the life of inventor Thomas Edison.

Edison National Historic Site - Learn about Edison's life, see photographs of his family, take a virtual tour of his home.

Edison's Miracle of LIght - Timeline and gallery and other resources about the life of Thomas Edison.

Edison's Timeline of Invention - Timeline lists some of Edison's most significant inventions.

Thomas Alva Edison - Detailed biography from the Britannica.

Thomas Alva Edison - Biography from Spectrum Home and School Magazine.

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) - Biography, honors, achievements of the man who invented the light bulb and held many other patents.

Thomas Edison - Thomas Alva Edison invented thousands of things including the first light bulb.

Thomas Edison, Inventor - Biography, home tour, and movie.

Thomas Edison's Invention Web - Biography, family, dates and honors, and lots of other links and information about the famous inventor.

Gutenberg, Johannes - Article from Encarta Encyclopedia provides a short overview of the inventor's life.

Johannes Gutenberg - Read about the man who invented the printing press that made books available to the mass of people.

Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468) - Biography and what his famous Bible looked like.

Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468) - A short biography along with two sample pages from a Gutenberg Bible.

Johannes Gutenberg and The Printed Book - Discusses Gutenberg and also mentions other printed books and when they were made.

A Conversation with Dean Kamen - Inventor Dean Kamen discusses an annual robot competition, US FIRSR, he founded to encourage students to participate in science and technology.

The GINGER - News articles and chat about IT.

Ginger Revealed at - Spoof of the IT invention by Dean Kamen.

Howstuffworks "How IT Might Work" - About inventor Dean Kamen's mysterious new device called IT or Ginger.

Idleworm - Spoof of Dean Kamen's new invention, IT.

The IT Files - About the hype surrounding the new invention, IT.

News, Information and Discussions about 'IT' - Brief articles about and references to the Dean Kamen invention known as IT or code-named Ginger.

Transportation Vehicles and Methods (US5971091) - Patent application by Dean Kamen for the device thought to be Ginger, or IT.

What is 'IT'? - Biography of Dean Kamen, discussion board where you can share your ideas about IT, and the latest news and information about IT

Dean Kamen - Physicist and engineer based in New Hampshire who holds 100 U.S. patents, including some for a portable insulin pump and a portable dialysis machine.

Dean Kamen, Breakout Artist - Wire Magazine's profile of the multimillionaire entrepreneur who invented a robochair that climbs stairs and dozens of other inventions.

The Heinz Awards: Dean Kamen - 1998 profile of the inventor.

Historical Inventors: A To Z
  - Resource to research famous inventors, including timelines and sections on women, African American, Native American, Chinese and Hispanic groups.

National Inventors Hall of Fame  - Celebrates inventors, and has indexes of inventors with brief biographies, and an index of inventions so you can find out who is credited with which invention.

African American Inventors - Profiles of 12 black inventors and inventions.

African American Inventors - Links to biographies of nine black inventors.

African-American Inventors - Short article on black inventors from

Blacks in Technology, Past and Present - Profiles of seven African American inventors.

Daguerre, Louis-Jacques-Mandé - Inventor of the first practical photographic process that produced lasting pictures.

Dr. Robert H. Goddard - Brief description of why Dr. Goddard is considered the father of modern rocketry.

Elias Howe - Credited with inventing the first practical sewing machine. This biography is from Scientific American Online.

Fudge and the Funnies on Elias Howe - Detailed biography of Elias Howe, inventor of the first practical sewing machine.

Iinventions by African (Black) Americans - Inventors, their inventions, date, and patent numbers, for the time period of 1871-1960.

Louis Braille - Blinded early in life, this French man went on to invent a way for the blind to read.

The Magnificent Safety Pin - Walter Hunt is credited with inventing this, at least in modern times.

Microchip Co-inventor Learned Basics in Iowa - An article about Robert Noyce, co-inventor, with Jack Kilby, of the integrated circuit.

Partial List of African American Inventors - From an unknown source, a list of African Americans, their inventions and their patent dates.

Philo Farnsworth - A reproduction of a 1928 newspaper article about Farnsworth's invention, television.

Philo T. Farnsworth - Read about the inventor of electronic video, i.e. television.

Robert H. Goddard (1882-1945) - Brief biography of the man who invented modern rocketry.

Robert H. Goddard, American Rocket Pioneer - The inventor of the first rocket using liquid fuel.

Robert Hutchings Goddard - Pioneered modern rocketry.

The Story of Louis Braille - About the French man who invented a way for the blind to read.

Walter Hunt Inventor Of The Safety Pin - Read about Walter Hunt who invented lots of things, including the safety pin.

Who is Garrett A. Morgan ? - Millions of lives are saved through this African-American inventor's safety devices: the gas mask and the traffic signal