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Kids and Teens Directories

Alice's Virtual Restaurant - A Little Food for Thought  - Provides links to substantive and sometimes unusual sites covering a broad range of topics.

AnimalSearch  - Search for family-safe, animal-related web sites on AnimalSearch.

AppuKids  - A unique kids search engine and directory, along with games, stories, jokes, and poems.

Ask Jeeves for Kids  - Allows users to ask a question in plain English, confirms the question, then takes them to one web site that answers the question.

Ask Pluto  - Pluto the Prescient teaches you how to use search engines and proper searching techniques. The site has games, contests and quizzes, all designed to encourages kids to explore the 'Net.

Berit's Best  - A web directory for kids with additional tools for web searching.

Big Chalk  - Allows students to search for sites according to age range or browse by grade level.

BJ Pinchbeck's Help with Homework  - More than 625 links to educational sites appropriate for homework help.

CLINK!  - Links to choice websites mostly for older kids. Categories include news and reference, science, social studies, art and activities.

CompuServe Kids Web Center  - Categories include entertainment, fun and games, school subjects, sports, and hot topics like Harry Potter, Barbie and Pokemon.

Cruisecat  - Portal to family-safe websites. Sites rated for age appropriateness.

Cyber Patrol's CyberGuide  - Search engine just for kids includes only sites evaluated by Cyber Patrol's team of professional reserchers.

Cyberhaunts for Kids  - Collection of kid-friendly links arranged according to subject area.

CyberSleuth Kids  - A comprehensive educational search engine, directory and homework helper for the K-12 student. A virtual library and reference tool providing easy access to thousands of safe subject-specific sites.

DiscoverySchool  - Offers educational resources for students and teachers. Includes educational games, a directory of homework help sites, lesson plans, and a free clipart gallery.

EdView SmartZone  - Sites searchable by by elementary, middle school, and high school grade levels.

Eggboy's Page O'Stuff  - Categories of links include weather, holidays, space travel, animation, crafts, animals, games, and school.

Eggy's World  - Seven categories of links to interactive, safety tested, kids' web pages.

GenieFind For Kids  - Searchable directory of links for pre-teen children and parents. Includes links to arts, crafts, entertainment, recreation, computers, literature, and school-related sites.

700+ Great Sites for Kids!  - Directory of web sites compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the American Library Assocation in five categories: Arts and Entertainment, Literature and Language, People Past and Present, Planet Earth and Beyond, and Science and Technology.

Help Resource Kid's Korner [ Mature Teens ] - Family friendly, hand picked links to kid-safe site on the Internet.

Hey Smarty  - Natural language search engine designed just for younger students.  - Web search site allows you to list sites for people your age.

HomeworkSpot  - Directory of sites covering school subjects from kindergarten to high school.

Interesting Places for Kids  - Hundreds of kids sites grouped by topic. Includes short description of each site.

Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages  - Books and links for kids and parents.

Internet Search Engines for Kids  - Kids can search the major search engines from one page. There are links to web directories designed for kids.

Finding Information on the Internet    - Explains how search engines and directories work. Also provides tips for using them effectively.

Kid Sites  - Offers the very best of kids sites on the net. Also includes categories on family stuff.  - Offers links to homework help, online games, magic tricks, music, stories, screensavers, and parents and teacher resources.

KidGrid  - Internet links for kids, family, and everyone, only the best of the internet for kids carefully arranged in a colorful and easy to navigate pages.

4Kids  - Links to sites for kids organized by topic. Entertainment, activities, reading, science, social studies, and study resources.

Kids Channel  - A place for children of all ages to play and explore the internet.

Kids Domain  - Information and resources for parents and children.

Kids' Exchange  - Share your thoughts on recent trends and fads, get answers to homework questions. From

Kids Search Engines  - A list of search engines designed for kids or families, along with links to articles about these type of search engines.

Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet  - A page of search input boxes from web search engines that have compiled and/or screened sites for content appropriate to children.

Kids Web  - World wide web digital library for schoolkids.

Kids WebGuide  - An easy to remember webguide for the best kid websites on the net today.

Kids World 2000  - Links to entertaining and educational web pages around the world, spectacular museums, zoos, sports, science, games, and travel.

KidsClick! Web Search  - Comprehensive web directory created for kids by librarians.  - A guide to the best in web sites for kids.

KidsKonnect  - Includes links to fun games and educational articles on many different topics. Categories are alphabetized for easy selection.  - Kid-friendly search engine with other community features for kids.

Kidslink Safe Sites  - Over 11,000 safe, educational, and fun links grouped by topic. Includes sites related to art, history, languages, math, computers, humor, and music.  - Powerful search engine designed specifically for kids.

kids2web  - Directory of fun and educational sites for kids.

KidZone Depot  - Get homework help, find arts and crafts, activities and things to do.

The KidZoneZ
  - A collection of fun sites categorized by subject to guide kids in learning about, exploring and having fun in their world.

The Lima News Kids Page  - Includes links to interactive online games, local sports scores and opinions, games, screensavers, Windows 95 theme packs, music and sound downloads, homework helpers, Internet help, and local school links.

Linkopedia's Kidzone  - Collection of reviewed kid sites. Provides fun, entertaining, and educational links for children.

MEGAlinks  - Comprehensive link libraries for all subjects, all ages.  - Holidays and special days as well as games, puzzles, Advent calendar, pictures to color. Lots of research links for kids K-6, and for teachers and parents too.

MyKidSearch  - Child-safe games, music, entertainment and education search engine for kids only.

PeaKaBoo.Net  - Family friendly and ethics conscious safe shopping search engine. Kids welcome.

Qanna Nanny Network  - Links provide homework and research help in every major area.

Quick March Kids & Families  - Pokemon ecards, number magic, slide show, family travel, and other links.

The School Site  - Large collection of links regarding games, jokes, news, homework help, and school subjects.

Searchopolis 3.0  - Internet search engine and resource site for K-12 students.  - A fun, interactive and educational web site search directory for children.

StarshipSearch  - A search engine for K-8 students that allows access to over 15,000 educational sites, all selected by teachers.

Student Search Center  - Allows students and teachers alike to search for web sites on various topics. All sites are strictly reviewed for youth safety.

Surf Monkey  - Kid safe directory with information, links, and entertainment.

Top 20 Kids  - Links to fun stuff, games, books, stories, homework help and crafts.

The Web Kangaroo  - Child-friendly search engine.

Webschooling  - Large web directory with educational categories of links.

Yahooligans  - Featuring comprehensive safe surfing, games, homework help, and many kid friendly activities.