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Kid's and Teens Lego   - Official site of Lego. [Requires Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.5+ with JavaScript and cookies enabled]

The Lego Central - Lego information, pictures, simple games and activities, Lego Mindstorms, and a Lego newsletter.

Lego Maniacs' Guide - Hundreds of Lego set reviews, a directory of all Lego sites, creations, and games.

Adventurers Set Reviews - In depth review of most of the Adventurers sets by

Acropolis Project - A plan to collect designs for a Greco-Roman Lego theme.

Ancient Theme Lego Building Contest - Finalists of the 1998 contest, including the Palace at Knossos, Angkor Wat, Parthenon, and the Colosseum of Rome.

Colosseum - Caesar is present for the lions' dinner. From Jacob's Lego page.

Roman Race Track - Partially inspired by the comic Astèrix and the 1939 movie Ben-Hur.

Trojan Horse - Created by Susan Hoover

Legomation - Stop motion animation using Lego bricks and characters. Currently contains two brief films

Aquazone Set Reviews - Most of the Aquazone sets are reviewed here.

Lego Aquazone Set Reviews - The Lego Set Review Archive

Boat Sets Reviews - presents reviews about the Lego Boat Sets.

Lego Shipping - Information on various Lego ships.

Lego ValdeZ
- Pictures and information on the Lego Valdez.

The Sinking of Regina Maersk - Video of a Lego submarine sinking a Lego ship.

Titanic - Pictures and what it took to make the gigantic Titanic out of Legos

Historical Lego Castles   - Nineteen Lego accurate models of historical castles such as Chillon Castle, Chateau d'Etampes, and Hever Castle.

Blackened's Brick Mania - More than 40 pictures of the site creator's Bloodstone Castle.

Castle Set Reviews - Reviews of castle sets from a variety of Lego maniacs at

Castle World - Shows artwork, creations and stories of many site members who build Lego Castles.

Ed Boxer's Lego Castle - Many images of Ed's large castle in white, which was featured in Lego Mania Magazine.

Erik's Castle Theme History - A suggestion for how the different castle subthemes could be related.

Lego System: Ninja Theme - Descriptions and photos of Lego's current Castle product, the Ninjas.

Mike Steele's Lego Castle Page - Castle pictures show how Royal Knights, Dark Forest, and Fright Knights elements can be used effectively.

PC's Lego Empire - Preston and Catherine Crow's models. Contains photographs of their LEGO empire, raytraced castle ideas, and interesting anachronisms.

Shiri Dori's CastLego Pages - Interesting castle characters and a few castle-related buildings.  - A freeware program which can create Lego models in 3D. Learn about LDraw and download related software.

The BlockCAD Home Page - 3D drawing program with Lego like blocks. Save and load models or subassemblies, save in LDraw format. Easy point and click user interface. Also print out your model, or save bitmap files.

Jacob's Lego Toolbox - An overview of Lego related tools, including LDraw. Mostly for making building instructions.

LDraw and LEdit Tutorial - Learn how to use LDraw, a popular Lego CAD program for DOS/Windows.

LDraw Launcher - DOS graphic front-end for LDraw.

The LDraw model repository - Building instructions for official models (in LDraw format).

LEGO CAD: Simple Machines - A computer-based educational LEGO building kit, designed to teach concepts in basic machines.

LeoCAD - A CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys. The program can import LDraw files.

Paul Gyugyi's LDLITE Version 2.0 - A program that displays 3D Lego models. Platform, release dates, and installation information provided.

Candy Factory Project - Fifth grade at Davis Creek Elementary used Lego Dacta sets to make a candy factory.

Computer Controlled Lego Car Factory - Students from the University of Massachusetts have built their own car factory from Lego bricks.

Gerald Ford School Lego Lab - Gerald Ford School Lego Lab, Palm Desert, California. Fifth-graders build and study machines using Dacta Robolab sets.

Lego Mindstorms - The official Lego Mindstorms web site has the latest official news and information on the products.

Minnesota First Lego League - An academic competition that allows kids to demonstrate their creativity, teamwork, and understanding of technology competing with Lego robots they designed, built and programmed themselves.

Weird Richard's Lego Bricks - Numerous lessons using Lego bricks.

Dutch landscape in Legoland, Billund - With a greenhouse with Lego tulips, a working lock, and an overview of the landscape.

Legoland Pictures - Includes pictures of Legoland, California.

Legoland Windsor - The UK Legoland

Lego Mindstorms Internals - For Lego supergeeks. A project to reverse-engineer the computer interface in order to make your own software.

Lego Mindstorms [Official]   - This is the official Mindstorms site.

Climbbot - Site includes video, images and a Java applet to show off this robot that can scale a horizontal rope.

Haskell for Mindstorms - Site for creating Haskell software for controlling Mindstorms systems.

Lego Mindstorms Sensor Input - How to make many new homebrew sensors for your RCX with links to other sensor projects.

Lego MindStorms WebRing - Links together sites that have content and/or information about Lego MindStorms.

legOS Home Page - This is the official home page for legOS, the alternative Lego Mindstorms OS.

Mark's Lego Mindstorms with Linux Projects - Lego Technic and Mindstorms projects using legOS and Linux. Techniques for working with sensors.

MIT Programmable Brick Project - The research project from which Mindstorms grew. Lots of information here, in geek-digestible form.

MIT Programmable Lego Brick - More on MIT's programmable brick. Older and less information than the other MIT pages, but has some cute photgraphs and writing.

MSI Presents Lego Mindstorms - The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has a cool Lego Mindstorms exhibit in operation. Get information about it here, including a few Quicktime movies.

MSI Trip Page - Features Larry Pieniazek's trip to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Provides a detailed description of the Mindstorms exhibit, and some good photographs.

NASA: Lego Design and Programming System - Features software for the Lego engineer, and information for the Robolab.

Philo's Home Page - Lego Mindstorms constructions and tips. With NQC programs and LeoCAD instructions.

Remote Control X for Lego Mindstorms - This program will allow you to control your Lego Mindstorms invention with a game controller using the infrared transmitter that comes with the Robotics Invention System set.

Roligheds Lego Mindstorms - Detailed descriptions, pictures, NQC-programs and animations of inventions - among them a typewriter and slot machine.

TinyVM - A firmware replacement for the Lego RCX, with a small Java VM in it.

ESG Lego Robotics Seminar - A basic robotics and mechanics class at MIT which centers on Lego.

Robots of Brown University's AI Lab - Pictures of the legobots from Brown's course on 'Building Intelligent Robots'.

Altered States - Unofficial alternate models for specific sets including photos and instructions.

Bram's Lego Models - Space, air, water, and land vehicles and buildings.

Ed's Lego Projects - Robotics and stop-motion animations with computer generated special effects.

Eric Kinglsey's Lego - Includes original space, town, castle, and train creations. Also has a few renderings of modles.

Erik Wilson's Lego Creations - Links to descriptions and photographs of Greco-Roman, Real Scale Town, Space, Santa's Village, Napoleanics, and Legofest pictures.

Extra - Photographs and some text from a TV show about the model builders in Enfield.

Henry Lim's LEGO Sculptures - Large scale sculptures including a 3 metre long stegosaurus.

Jacob's Lego creations - Lego creations by Jacob Sparre Andersen (and others). Includes a few building instructions.

Karr's Lego Creations - Links to photographs of models, Lego resources, and citations received.

Lego at Gerf.Org - User-updated Lego idea database with searching ability.

Lego Fusion - Lego models, history and links.

Lego on my mind - Eric Brok's thoughts on Lego. Includes some quite amazing models and ideas.

Lego Realistic - Cars, trains, spaceships, robots, and Lego versions of Christian parables ("The Gospel According to Lego" and "The Good Bellvillite").

Legophile - Home of the minifig generator and Legopolis online (an ISP for Lego people).

Mini-fig Chess Set - View white and black Lego chess figures by Suzanne D. Rich.

Minifigmuseum - Photographic tour of a museum containing works of art made exclusively with Lego bricks.

Original Lego Creations - Adequate's center for viewing and sharing miscellaneous Lego creations.

Rizza's Custom Legos - A site containing Lego figures hand customized to look exactly like various comic book characters.

Settings - Some towns, a Dutch landscape with locks channels and bridges, and a polar base.

Sploids - Lego to K'NeX Interconnector - Construction block to interconnect Lego type blocks with K'NeX like hub connectors.

Stephen's Lego Brick Page - Features Stephen's pirate, castle, and space creations, as well as his modular space transport design.

Todd's Lego Chess Pieces - Space inspired chess pieces

Model Team Set Reviews - A growing number of Model Team set reviews by Also included are reviews of the Ultimate Collector Star Wars Lego sets.

Paul's Model Team pages - Dual wheel conversion of 5571 and pictures of the 5580 white/blue semi with trailers to match Set Reviews - Archived reviews for 1909 Rolls Royce, F1 Ferrari, Blue Fury, Giant Truck, and Mach II Red Bird

Lego Pirate System Set Reviews - Features archived reviews from

Pirate Set Reviews - "Argh, matey! Get yer Pirate reviews here." from

Port Block, New South Wales - Port Block, a secure natural anchorage, was discovered in 1796 by British Captain, Horatio Hornblower, and it remained a closely guarded secret for many years (until it was fortified). - Lego instruction and catalog scans. Public photo gallery.

Eric's Very Unofficial Lego Page - Instruction scans and information about the 1998 soccer stadium.

Lego Ads - Old ads from the Swedish Disney comic magazines.

Lego Authority - Honest reviews of Lego toys from a Lego fanatic.

Lego Exhibit and Tour Pictures - Pictures from the Mall of America LIC, the Invention Adventure tour and the road show truck tour. Also has links to other examples of Lego shows.

Lego Purists - The Lego purists are anti-specialized pieces. Includes some models and links.

Lego Set Reviews - A collection of hundreds of set reviews from across Lego's entire line from

Rec.Toys.Lego Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to frequently asked questions about Lego. Lego Set Review Archive - Reviews of Lego sets as they appeared on (Has not been updated since 1998.)

RTL Geek Code - Use the Geek Code to show what kind of Lego maniac you one line

Lego Maniacs' Links - From one site,, you can sort through hundreds of Lego-related web sites. All sorted into categories and tracked by popularity.

Lego Maniac's Webring - The ring boasts over 200 sites

Blacktron: The Lost Generation - Thomas' Blacktron universe. Includes drawings of both a space and ground base.

Bri's Lego Page - Brian Ward's space designs.

The Dark Sun System - A Lego universe created by Paul Gyugyi. Includes some pictures and renderings of original models.

Genom Hacked - This site is themed around the Japanese animated TV series Bubblegum Crisis.

Jacob's Lego Space Ships - Space ships designed by various fans. Images and some building instructions included.

Jeremy Sproat's Lego Page - Features mini-fig and micro-fig scale models. Also includes some model renderings.

The Legalaxy - Many Lego creations and a Lego castle game.

Legoverse - Terry Kellers space-themed original creations. Includes instructions for many of the models (both as LDraw files and ready to view).

Mark's Lego Creations - A collection of futuristic creations. Includes spacecraft, mecha, and groundcraft. - Mecha, air and ground original Lego models.

M:Tron Corp World HQ - Renderings and animations of original creations. Set Reviews - The Set Space System review archive.

Space Set Reviews - Set reviews of official Space models from

Construction Toy Homepage - Lego Technic model reviews with images, a few original creations, and some non-Lego product links.

Counter-Clockwise Club - Micro-motorized creations and a collection of Lego sets.

Directional Transmission - A Lego transmission that runs different output shafts depending on which direction the input is driven.

Doug's Lego Technic - Featuring his Tri-star ATV and other Lego robotic models.

Lego Ergo Sum - Various vehicles made by Fredrik Glöckner. Instructions for many of the models.

Lego Technic Building Instructions - Daniel Alcaldes collection of instructions for Lego Technic sets in zip compressed format.

Lego Technic Sets by Number - A catalog of Lego sets by product number (and Euro Number), year, set name, and thumbnail image.

Models by Svein Erling Lode - A collection of original technic creations.

Official Lego Technic Advanced - Showcasing some of the Advanced Technic models. Features some Flash presentations.

Original Lego Technic Models - Andrew Bissell and Steve Robinson's original models.

QuickCam Camcarts - Ralph Muha's camera carrying Technic vehicles. Set Reviews - Technic section of the set review archive.

Technic Online - Listings of Lego Technic models and UK Technic Magazines as well as some personal creations.

Technic Set Reviews - Consumer reviews, images and ratings of Lego sets from

Technica - History of Technic, set index, and a technic element registry.

Alain Surdez's Lego Creations - Mainly original creations associated with amusement parks and robots. Animations also featured.

Antony Lau's Lego Town Page - Features dozens of original vehicles and several buildings, including a Hot Rod Shop, Pizza Restaurant, and a townhouse.

Architekta - Incredible creations of towers and a beautiful gallery displayed.

BamBam Sproat - Lego Page - This site shows off a variety of creations including those for a town of microfigures, people about half the size of Lego minifigures.

David's Lego Site - Shows many pictures of David's creations including buildings, cars, and trucks.

Davis Creek Elementary Christmas LEGO Town - The kids of the fifth grade class in 1999-2000 built a Lego town for the Christmas season. Check out pictures of the town and the kids in action.

Eric's Lego Page - Cool color QuickCam photographs and GIF animations of Eric's Lego creations.

Esben's Lego Homepage - Learn about Esben's Lego creations, in English and Danish.

Jacob's Town Lego - Lego creations by Jacob Sparre Andersen and his family, including bridges, trains, and autos. A useful index and table of contents featured.

Mike and Travis' Lego World - Take a look at the many creations of Mike and Travis, including vehicles and a small town.

PshLortZ's Lego Page - Come and view an outdoor concert, a Lego McDonald's, scenes from quake and the gates to hell included.

Roy Gal's Lego Page - A Lego enthusiast's page, with original creations, catalog scans, and items for sale.

BayCity Fire Department - This site is the official site of the Bay City (LEGO) Fire Department.

Bricksburg Department of Emergency Services - Information, description, and links provided for the City of Bricksburg.

City of Beacon Lego Fire Department - City of Beacon<p> Lego Fire Department

Greensville Fire Department - Provides description and pictures of the inner workings of the Greensville Fire Department. Some photographs of Lego men and women in action and a news page.

Kyola Dept. Emergency Services - An entire emergency services department built out of Legos. Details provided.

Lego City Fire Department - Dedicated to Eric S. McDonald's collection of Lego brand fire trucks and stations. There are 15 fire stations, a 4 story Fire Department HQ's building, a training facility, and 80 fire trucks.

Lego City of Dutchess Fire Department - Fictitious Lego city that protects nearly 51,000 residents from fire. Lots of equipment and buildings to see.

Lego Valley Fire and Rescue - Contains pictures of the devices used to rescue, the vehicles, and a report of recent incidents in the Lego Valley Community.

Legofield Fire Company - Meet the people who fight the fires for the city of Legofield.

Mutual Aid Association of Lego Fire Departments - An organization of Lego Fire Departments that provides mutual aid in times of emergency. Most, if not all, lego fire departments are a member.

New Lego Fire Department - Provides information about the department, vehicles, recent events, and the town of New Lego.

Pacific Heights Lego Fire Department - Information and description of the five fire stations that are responsible for people within Pacific Heights. Pictures of the people, equipment, and scenes of the town's department.

Sixby Fire Tech - Dedicated to Lego fire-fighting models, the site features a "Sixby Pumper" fire engine, extensive information, and links.

South Strabane Volunteer Fire Company - A small volunteer lego fire company that protects the residents of South Strabane Township.

St. Lego Fire Department - Covering the fictitious community of St. Lego, the fire department comes to the rescue of the citizens.

Washington Fire and Rescue - A paid lego fire department at provides sbasic and advanced life support, swift water rescue, fire suppression,and extrication services to 14,000 minifigs.

Woodchuck County Fire/Rescue - Established to provide the minifigures of Woodchuck County with fire, hazard material, and EMS protection, without reservation of life and/or plastic.

Alan Gerber's LDraw Town - Using the program LDraw, Alan has made a virtual city with a TV station, clothes stores, and a few houses.

Ben Jackson: Town - A collection of LeoCAD drawings with town and train themes.

Datsville - A joint project using LCad (LDraw). Take a guided tour through the virtual city, or catch up on the latest Datsville news.

Lego City, Germany - This city is drawn with mostly POVRay, learn about the city and its collector. In English and German.

Llegogogoch - A load of LeoCAD creations.

Town & City Images on Steven's LEGO(R) Ray Tracing - Enjoy my Ray Traced LEGO images, after all, this is what this site is all about!

The Lego Continent - Erin Windross maps all the Lego cities of the world.

The LEGO Town Webring - Join this ring, the first and only ring for LEGO towns.

Brad's LEGO Hobby - Two LEGO Cities dotted with impressive skyscrapers, and three different cities made especially for Christmas with train layouts.

Brenden Coughlin's Clarksdale - 160 square feet of LEGO City encompasses a large range of sets. With lots of good images, this site shows expilicitly the high quality and attention to detail of Brenden's work

Dave's LEGO City - Dave's LEGO® City, a site where you can see a lot of overview pictures of this great metropolitian area.

Karensville - Karensville is the official host of 2010 Winter Olympic Games for LEGOAthletes. Watch this city and site grow as the years progress.

Paradise City Online - This is the official site of Paradise City.

San Dilego - A thriving LEGO town creation in a Bay-Area setting.

Brickenplate, NC - Brickenplate Home Page

The LEGO City of Chris Fortier, VA - This LEGO city of nearly 33,143+ bricks leads you to many places around the world, and has lots of pictures.

Legox101 - Explore the city, meet the people and read the news of the ever growing Legox101.

New Brickton Gazette - News and events for the city of New Brickton.

William Swan's Original Lego Creations (Milla De Cressa II) - Pause Magazine - William Swan's Original Lego Creations. The great city of Milla de Cressa II has great pictures and an interesting history.

The Brickittsville Gazette - Keeping the citizens of Brickitsville up to date online since August 2000.

Bricktannia Online! - View pictures of this city. Also post at the message board and read the news!

Brixton, USA - Brixton was designed to replicate a small town in the American midwest. It's the kind of place where time seems to stand still and family values are still a priority

LEGO City, Nebraska - This site has many pictures of Legoland, a huge city in the cornfields of Nebraska

Metrocity, IL - The online home of the Lego city Metrocity complete with Stock Reports, Weather, News, Etc..

Plasticity - Plasticity is a huge city. See an overview of this complex city, visit with the citizens, and enjoy the flavor of this overwhelmingly great creation.

PoseyTown - This city made by a family named Posey, shows great pictures and humorous descriptions of the people in this city.

Shiningston Online - The city of Shiningston is online! We have many sites to offer like: Baakko Rail.

The Brick Apple: New Block City - Sean M. Kenney presents over 100 photographs of the Brick Apple. Includes a tour, news, ideas, developments, and what others are saying about the city.

Bricklyn, NY - A city where Lego minifigures live and work. BrickLINX is a way to experience what is going on in the city and the lives of the minifigures who reside there.

CastLego: Helfire - A Lego town set on an island in the middle of 'Archipelego' created especially for microfigures.

Legopolis - Suzanne D. Rich's town is presented as a series of web pages hosted by a fictional ISP. Features unique models including a fitness club, bar, and theatre as well as unique and humorous designs such as a waterfall and "Sparkles Bathroom Fixtures" store.

Legoston - Jesse Yanocha has created a nice layout for his town Legoston. Includes photograph.

Metrolegoland - A bustling city of Lego with three high-rise apartment buildings, two office complexes, numerous shops and restaurants, and even a dance club.

Ticlaw, PA - The seat of Madison County, Legoland is a quaint Lego town with people and great buildings. Features brief history, introduction to Mayor, and maps.

Carl's Amazing Homepage - Carl Kuhne has created several Lego town layouts. The layouts are divided by theme and include a resort theme, harbor theme, and race theme. Each theme has several photos of the layout.

Kevin Wilson's Lego Creations - Come and see not one but TWO LEGO Towns. Also some train creations, an airplane, and some pictures from Kevin's TECHNIC building sessions at his daughter's school.

New LEGO City, Newfoundland - Come and visit Canada's largest internet LEGO City. Track its history with pictures of the city when it was in Toronto (before moving to its present location).

Bedroom City - This city literally took up a bedroom. View the pictures of the city and the room it occupied.

City of Drammen - A city created from Lego bricks. Check out my models.

Jacob's Bregnerod - A small town with a few houses, a bus stop, a rolling sausage bar, a post office, the usual police station, and an art gallery (with no art).

Northport, United Kingdom - See this quaint small town on the sea and see its news on NCN (Northport Cable News).

Allanton NZ
- This is a unique Lego town featuring many business and civic buildings that have a clean design.

Karaville, Australia - A self-confessed LEGO-nut shows off his creation. See some city overview shots along with some lively city scenes such as fire, police, and LEGO people even getting ready for the big school dance.

LEGO Lakes - Visit the town of LEGO Lakes, with its own lake, heliport, and army barracks.

Octopus Village - An entry for the LEGO Town Building contest turns out to be Japan's first LEGO Town on the internet.

The Stok Family LEGO Page (LEGOland, Australia) - These pages by The Stok family show the town of LEGOLand, Australia its citizens, and their activities. Creations and photos show great attention to detail City - Take a virtual walk in the city and preview some of Lego's new town and city center sets.

Lugnet : Town - The town discussion group on Lugnet. Town System Set Reviews - Archives featuring reviews of Lego town sets.

Town Planner Concept - Erik Wilson's proposal for a town planner who would collect town creations from other enthusiasts. Includes helpful tips on creating town models.

Town Set Reviews - Dozens and dozens of Lego Town sets are reviewed here by Lego Set Reviews: Soccer - Read consumer reviews of the LEGO Soccer product line and add your own opinions and thoughts to the message board. Football - View the products of the Football/Soccer line. American, English, and German version.

LUGNET Football/Soccer - The official discussion group of LUGNET pertaining to the Soccer/Football product line of LEGO.

A.J.T.'s LEGO Page - See a variety of construction vehicles, earthmovers, and other LEGO vehicles at this site.

Gerry's Classic Lego Cars - A reference site for all HO scale Lego micro-vehicles (1960-1965). Site contains informed tips on collecting along with a comprehensive gallery of all known vehicles produced.

Jacob's City X'ers - All cars are designed to fit on a 10 by 6 plate, even the container truck. Includes photographs and descriptions of product line.

Lego Vehicles by David A. Karr - Provides photographs and description of a dump truck, sports car, motorcycle, and old fashioned sedan.

Legotrucks and Construction Machinery - See some creations of the vehicles that build our buildings made of LEGO.

Ludo's Lego Models - Ludo has made a site devoted to a variety of vehicle models.

Monorail Creations - Incredible monorail designs for town, plus a breathtaking two-track station.

Paul Foster's Lego Page - Pictures of town vehicles, fire trucks, and train-based support vehicles. Includes a link to a trade page.

Derek Schin's Town - Some spiffy creations, an ice cream stand, a restaurant with underwater theme, and a natural history museum are featured.

James Mathis' Building Creations - Features original town models and buildings.

K.C. Memorial Field - Lego enthusiast has built an extremely detailed baseball field with many different views.

Lego is Fun - Recent Lego creations by Karen, includes a nice truckstop.

Real Scale Town Riverhouse - Erik Wilson's riverhouse with links to the town project and other Lego creations.

Rob Farver's Creations - Features Lego and Duplo town models.

Ben's World of ABS - Homepage of Lego fan Reinhard "Ben" Beneke. Devoted mainly to trains, but includes bridges, and a large pirate ship.

Lego World - Information concerning the Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club with photographs. A zoo story told with Lego's, an amusing Lego stop motion video, old sets, and links.

Ben's Lego Station - Photograph's and information about building toy trains.

Derek Schin's Trains - Imaginative creations include a cute yellow caboose, and a small and large diesel. Also, has replicas in other colors of the famed Blue Hopper.

Die Bayerische Oberlandbahn - A beautiful recreation of a local traffic passenger train from Bayern.

Dual 4559 Train - Calum Tsang's modified cargo train version.

High Speed Passenger Monorail By James Mathis - James has figured out how to make a monorail with three cars.

Jacob's Cable Stayed Suspension Bridge - A two meter double track cable stayed suspension bridge, includes pictures of how the mini-figs built the thing.

Larry Pieniazek's Lego Page - Train related information about American Prototype rolling stock and engines, as well as containers, are featured.

Lego Trains at Jacob's - Monorail service with eight knobs wide cars.

Steve Barile's 9v Trains Main Page - This is the trains page of one of the founding members of the Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club. Lots of good locos and rolling stock.

Thalys High Speed Train - Features photographs and description.

Train Creations by James Mathis - Some original or variant creations. James has an imaginative flair and some of his locos and cars are truly superb. The brown/green/red passenger car went to the PNLTC show recently.

Train Lego Creations by Paul Foster - Paul's vehicles for laying track and general maintenance.

Trestle by Gerald Lynn Swanson - Photographs and description of a huge train bridge.

Matt's Lego Train Depot - This is a repository for all things Lego Train.

Train Set Reviews - A growing number of Lego train reviews from

The Next Classic Christmas Train - An article about starting a Lego Christmas train display. (July 6, 2000)

Dutch Railway station - Photographs and description of Lego station.

Monorail Tracks - Photographs and description of monorail setup.

First German Lego Train Club - Features a gallery, membership roster, newsletter, and interesting links.

North Georgia Lego Train Club - Second Lego Train Club formed, provides gallery, news, event calendar, and charter information. Still in the formative stages, they are looking for new members.

Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club - The first club devoted to promoting Lego trains. Provides news articles, event calendar, history, and membership roster information. Parent/child memberships are available for those under

BayLUG - A loosely organized Lego users group based in San Francisco.

Dan and Jennifer's Lego Site - Pictures of Lego creations and details on events and meetings from the WAMALUG and WAMALTC clubs.

DixieLUG - A Lego users group from the southeast. Includes photographs and links.

LUGNET - The international fan-created Lego Users Group Network -- where Lego enthusiasts of all ages find information, meet one another, and share ideas.

North Carolina Lego Users Group and Train Club - Membership consists of people, both adults and children, who enjoy building with LEGO® bricks as a hobby.

Texas Lego Users Group - Also known as TEXLUG. A place where LEGO® fans of all ages across the Lone Star state can find information, meet one another, and share ideas.

WamaLTC - Washington DC Metro Area Lego Train Club. Features photographs of Lego trains.

Erik's Lego Creations: Early Wild West Theme - Painted minifigures and horses for a Wild West theme.

Fibblesnork Lego Guide: Wild West - Images, rating, and minifigures.

Jeff's Wild West Lego Listing - List of sets. Set Reviews - Reviewed archive for Fort Legoredo.

Wild West Set Reviews - Meet at High Noon and watch the shootout with Wild West set reviews from