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Kid's and TeensOnline Stories

The Adventures of Sydney  - An interactive story about Sydney, a young girl in search of her lost cat.

Amazing Adventure Series  - This site is filled with original, illustrated stories. Read-along in RealAudio.

Athropolis: Home of the Throps and the Squallhoots  - When three children land upon an iceberg - they meet Throps and the Squallhoots.

Adventures of Banph  - The adventures of Banph, the noble ant knight..

The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island  - A shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, and with the help of island creatures, becomes the Easter Bunny.

Animal Stories  - Small collection of original short animals stories.

Animals Myths and Legends  - Tales of animal myths and legends. Read stories, solve puzzles, play games, meet a dragon, and help save a world.

Ant Bee's Stories  - Free, complete children's stories with fun illustrations.

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By  - Fairy tales, folk tales and other great children's stories, courtesy of Whootie Owl.

Bedtime Story  - The criteria for a tale's inclusion on the Bedtime-Story site, is that the story must be as pleasant for an adult to read, as it is for a child to hear. Recommended age group is 6 and up.  - Children's bedtime stories, prayers and soothing music.

Bing Puddlepot's Instant Custom Picture Book  - A place where kids can create an illustrated story book about themselves. Free book may also be printed for offline reading.

Bubble Dome  - An interactive children's website, where the user can walk in to a virtual story world, and interact with fun characters. Enter competitions, join the club and solve problems.

Baby Animals  - An online picture book for young children.

Bembo's Zoo  - A stylish animal alphabet site with illustrations created from the letters in each animal's name. Site uses Macromedia Flash.

Cherbear Stories [ Kids/Teens ] - Christian stories, tidbits for the soul, insight cavern and daily encouragement..

Children's Reading Room  - From The Museum of Unnatural History, a collection of stories about Bunny and his friends.

Chunky Monkey Fan Club  - The original Chunky Monkey stories and characters.

Candlelight Stories  - Candlelight Stories offers downloadable illustrated stories, online writing, and pen pals. You can also review your favorite books and games, and learn how animated movies are made.

Children's Stories, Facts, and Recipes - Interesting facts, stories, pictures, jokes, and recipes.

Children Stories and Folktales from Indonesia  - Collection of children stories and folktales by Renny Yaniar. In English and Indonesia.

Children's Storybooks Online [ Kids/Teens ] - Stories for children of all ages, pre-school through young adult.

Christian Children's Corner Bible Stories  - Antelope Publishing presents free online Bible stories for young children.

Diamond's Site  - Original cat stories as told to Diamond the cat.

Dr. Owl Online  - Online stories, as well as a talking book designed for parents and children to read together on the Internet. Also includes a talking dictionary and phonics workshop, as well as words in other languages.

DreamBox StoryBox  - Two stories with color illustrations, about bears.

EBD StoryTeller [ Kids/Teens ] - Over 5,000 stories,jokes and poems submitted by kids all over the world since 1997. Publish your own stories and poetry. 

Editec Children's Books  - Beautifully illustrated, online children's books, for free. Includes a huge selection of classic children stories, rhymes, and fables.

Fablevision Place  - Visit the Fable Library for online stories and tune in to Fable Radio to hear stories online.

Goodnight Stories  - Read stories, submit some of your own, or hear stories in Real Audio. Includes games and coloring pages.

Hi Monkey  - The adventures of monkey - a small terry cloth primate. He has a nice personality, he tells good stories and he's a good cook.

If You Love to Read  - Online novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England.

John and El's Bear Time  - Two little teddy bears, John and El, star in their own adventures. Featuring stories, songs and art.

Josie Has a Secret [ Teens ] - A full-length novel about a strong-minded young lady, who stays with her magician grandmother while her parents vacation in Europe.

Kamran and Mapa's First Travel Book [ Kids/Teens ] - Adventures of a traveling kangaroo and elephant and how they learn about wisdom, truth and love.

Koala Trouble  - The adventures of Max, the baby koala.

Leon's Website  - The story of Leon D'mouse and his friends. Pictures and story for young children.

Lil' Fingers  - Online interactive story books.

Little Critters  - Jokes, puzzles, games and stories from children author and illustrator, Mercer Mayer. 

Magical Kingdom - A real Magical Multimedia Playground for Kids - Learn to do real magic tricks, read the animated storybooks, make toys and craft items.

Marianne's Story Web  - Feature story is Zaroff's Revenge.

Magic Shadow Shapes  - A musical journey for children of all ages. Poetry, songs, games, dragons and dinosaurs, fairies, and elves.

A Monster Tale  - Can you make friends with the monsters under the bed? Hilarious story of how one little boy did.  - Join Mr Storytime as he tells fun and educational stories, animated and narrated in Macromedia Flash, along with online games and activities.

My Own Rainbow  - Features a new children's story each day.

My Wonderland  - Norma Jean Stevens' children's stories containing moral messages, with charming music and animations.

Merpy's World  - Each month a new animated, interactive and musical adventure is featured with Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, and their friends.

Panda Bears Playhouse  - Interactive stories with animated graphics and sounds to hold the interest of children.

Painted Horse Stories  - Three illustrated stories; Cry Me A River, Taylor Rabbit, and My Monsta.

A Pocketful of Rhymes  - A huge collection of original, very funny rhyming stories and poems for kids that promote self-esteem and individuality. Bookshelf  - Dottie's Garden, an animated e-book. For beginning readers.

Princess Sleepyhead  - Illustrated by lovely photos, this story is about Princess Sleepyhead, and her search for the perfect bed.

Rainy Day Corner  - A place to publish their art and writing. Other content crafts, parent corner, book reviews.

Red Boots for Christmas  - Online childrens Christmas story. Read along with the electronic storybook or view pictures of the characters.

Room 108 Stories  - A large collection of stories for kids. The story books have animation and sound.

A Rocky Mountain Fairy Tale  - An illustrated online book for children of all ages, about protecting the environment

SakesAlive E-Mail Adventures  - An interactive site wherein children of all ages can interact with fantasy characters via E-Mail. Features the works of Serendipity author, Stephen Cosgrove. 

Small Stories for Little People  - Six cute stories for young readers.

Stories for Preschoolers at  - Stories for Preschoolers at features narrated stories for kids including Where Do Slippers Sleep narrated by Julia Louis Dreyfus and Goodnight Bird.

Stories From The Web  - Read stories, learn about the authors, and write your own stories.

Story Hour  - Online stories for kids from The Internet Public Library.

Storybook Online  - Short stories and novels for children, a multimedia reading community for children and parents. Children can read, hear and see stories before them. Stories are available for many levels of readers.

StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library  - See and listen to multimedia stories for children in Spanish and English. Print-out craft activities and reading lists.  - Stories and writing activities, by Stuart Baum. Reading lists and writing contests included.

Suzie Manley's Stories of Magic, Mystery, Travel, and Treasure  - Suzie Manley travels to Egypt every "digging" season to be with her mother. Here are some of the local stories she has collected.

Story Bear  - Two online stories for young children. From Little Animals Activity Centre.

The Symphony of Friendship  - An illustrated story about how two enemies become friends through music.

Tailey Whaley  - A whale of a tale about friendship, tolerance, and being different.

Tell Me A Story  - Short stories with graphics, music, and animation.

Tales from the Little Woods  - Tales about the adventures of a faerie named Wee One.

The Touch of Kindness  - Introduces the tale of Little Wings, the Tooth Fairy, in pictures, story, and music.

Tetramedia's Story Books  - A fun collection of illustrated, online stories for children of all ages including Silly Stories, Becky and Beans, and The Ecology Kids.

The Timbuktoad Storyworld [ Teens ] - Explore The Lost Diaries, Time of Legends and the Story Theatre. Read The Road Through Timbuktoad.

Timeless Eternal [ Kids/Teens ] - Online fantasy world includes cartoons, storytelling, games, and contests.

Tippity Witchet's Beantime Stories  - Fun online stories for young children.

Tweeker The Speaker [ Kids/Teens ] - Children's illustrated adventure story set inside a computer.

Tumblebooks  - Animated picture books online. Download free books and the free TumbleReader to enjoy e-books offline too.

Tate's Advent Calendar  - About the adventures of Tate the cat, and his owner Pete. Every day in December, a new page is added to the story. Also available to read are stories from 1997 and 1998.

Travels with Mousey Home Page  - A stuffed animal who doesn't believe he's a toy, but a real mouse and a famous Egyptologist to boot. Come along for a mouse-eye-view of Ancient Egypt.

Where Do Slippers Sleep?  - Julia Louis Dreyfus reads the simple text aloud as preschoolers follow along. Requires Flash plug-in. Also includes a link to Goodnight Bird.

Wondervista  - New illustrated story every week. Ideal for parents and children to read together. Site includes activity pages.

Whiskertails  - A set of ongoing animal stories. 

Zoo Place  - Online stories and pictures about animals and zoos.


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