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Kids and Teens Printable Colouring Pages

Airplanes - Print Colouring pages show famous airplanes of the past. 

All About Colouring - Free printable Colouring book pages for animals, holidays, and sports. Also offers colour-by-number and connect-the-dot pages.

Ancient Civilizations - Printable Colouring pages show ancient landmarks, including Stone Henge, the Colosseum at Rome, and the Pyramids at Giza. 

Accent on Learning-Animal Colouring Pages - Colouring book of pets and animals with health care tips by vets.

African Animals - Detailed Colouring pages show popular African animals in their native surroundings. 

Animal Babies - Detailed Colouring pages show baby animals in their natural surroundings. 

Animal Colouring - Print out animal pages and information sheets to colour.

Animals of the North - Detailed print and colour drawings of woodland animals. 

Alphabet Colouring Book - A page for each letter of the alphabet. Just click on the picture, print it out, and colour away.

Alphabet Colouring Pages - Printable alphabet Colouring pages accompany the game.

Activities and Artwork from Jan Brett - Several printable activities, including a large collection of Hedgie the Hedgehog's favorite scenes to print and colour.

Berenstain Bears - Print and colour scenes from the lives of America's favorite bear family. A part of the Berenstain Bears official site.

Bungalo Books Colour Pages - Three comic drawings to print and colour.

Birds - Accurate pictures of common North American birds to print and colour.  

Birdcage  Bottom Selection of original printable pictures to colour.

Bible-Based Colouring Pages for Kids: Kid Explorers graphic site, offering kids printable colouring pages teaching Biblical stories / Multilingual.

Bible pages to colour free printable Bible colouring pages, colouring sheets and colouring book pictures.

Chevron Cars Colouring Pages - Print and colour the cool Chevron cars. 

The Colouring Hut - Directory of free printable pages and on-line Colouring books.

Colouring World - Free online Colouring books offer simple pictures of plants, animals, cartoon characters, toys, houses, and dinosaurs.

Colouring Page  - Free printable Colouring pages for Christmas, Valentines, and Easter, as well as animals, flowers, and cartoon characters. Also offers free Colouring book software to download.

Colour that Pokemon - Print and colour pictures of popular Pokemon characters.

Colouring Page Menu - A collection of Colouring pages featuring the letters of the alphabet and favorite characters from Sesame Street.

Disney Colouring pages and more Free printable kids colouring pages, sheets and pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Disney characters and more!

DLTK's Colouring Pages - Hundreds of colourings book pages to print out and colour.

Exotic Cars - Print and colours pages of some of the world's fanciest automobiles. 

Endangered Animals - Detailed pictures of a dozen endangered species in their natural habitats to print and colour. 

Fairy Children Choose among the assortment of many fairy images to colour

Fairy Tale Colouring Books Includes downloads and kids will enjoy colouring characters from Grimm and Andersen''s fairy tales.

Fire fighting Equipment  Printable colouring pages featuring fire trucks.

Hawaiian Endangered Animals - Colouring Book - Pictures of endangered animals found only in Hawaii.

Horse Colouring Book Pages - Six horse Colouring pages. 

Humphrey Printable colouring book pages of Slug, the Wire Haired Terrier dog and Humphrey, the famous circus star elephant, travelling the country together.

Ivy's Colouring Pages - Print and colour pages, and links to other Colouring pages.

Jungle Pals - Animal pages to print and colour. 

Jazzles: Colouring Page Fun printable colouring pages to sing to! Helps achieve children's early reading readiness.

Kino's Storytime Colouring Pages - Six images to print and colour.

Kollyris - Printable drawings of Hercule and Mulan for Colouring. Site in English and French.

Keith's Colouring Book - A website containing hundreds of black and white images to download, print out, and colour.

KinderArt - Organized links to hundreds of pages to print and colour. .

Lady and The Tramp Colouring Pages - Images to print and colour.

Land of Music Colouring Book A world where notes, other musical symbols and instruments come alive. Print and colour the characters.

La Fish MagKids Free Clip Art Colouring Book Pages! fish, shells, seahorse, sharks, lobster, octopus, dolphin, whale, crabs, molluscs, turtles, aquarium fish, Marine Life Images!

The Magic School Bus - Print and colour pages of Mrs. Frizzle and the gang.

Mothers Day colouring pagesPrint these holiday colouring pages for kids to colour.

Make StuffPrint these holiday colouring pages for kids to colour.

National Geographic Colouring Pages Free printable colouring pages of bears, tigers and other animals.

PBS Kids: Colouring - Printable Colouring and activity pages for favourite PBS characters like Arthur, Barney, Zoboomafoo, and ZOOM are just a click away.

Preschool Colouring Book Let's get ready to colour! Preschool Colouring book is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and educator help preschoolers explore the creative world of drawing and colouring.

Rainforest Colouring Book - Print and colour pictures of animals that live in the rainforests. Pictures and texts created by second grade students.

 Rainbow Land Colouring Pages - Four pages to print and colour.

Recycling Colouring Book - Recycling pictures to print and colour.

Stacey Mayer's Free Online Colouring Books - Arabian horses and their friends, birds, sealife, and unicorn pictures to print out and colour at home.

Sesame Workshop    - Print and colour pictures of the entire Sesame Street gang. Includes letters, numbers, shapes, health and safety tips, and holiday images.

Solar System Colouring Book Download page for a demo of the Solar System Colouring Book. [PDF]

St David's Colouring Pages Features a Ddraig Goch/Welsh Flag, St. David, and a daffodil.

The List and what a list Simply scroll down the page until you see something you like and click on it or click on a letter on the top of the page to jump to that section.

The Little Artist - Printable Colouring pages of bears, numbers, and the letters of the alphabet. 

TOBA Kids Club - Horse pictures to print and colour. Requires Adobe Acrobat. .

Tootsie's Ponyland - European 'My Little Pony' Colouring pages.

TV Ontario's Colouring Book - Print and colour pages for many children's shows.  

Washington Apples - Just for Kids - Print out and colour your favourites Washington Apple characters.

We Can Work It Out - Posters to print out and colour for fun and learning.

Woodsy Colouring Sheets - Woodsy Owl's Colouring pages and environment tips.

Winnie the PoohPrint and colour these fun pages.

Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh colouring book pictures for you to download and colour.

Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh colouring book pictures for you to download and colour

 World Flags Flags of the world to colour

Zoo Colouring Pages - Select and print zoo animals to colour.


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