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Kid's and Teens Toys

Easy Bake Oven  - Site provides history, latest news and recipes, and information on new products.

NothingButToys.Net  - A directory of thousands of toy and game sites. Provides direct links in a friendly, intuitive environment.

Toys of the Century  - A brief look at the toy, game, and craze of the century as identified by the British Association of Toy Retailers.

Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes - Official Site. Collection of pre-school action figures that are based on non-violent, and real-life heroes.    - The official Barbie Doll site for fans of all ages. There are activities to play, create and learn new things. Hundreds of photos, facts, and doll information for collectors.

Barbie Links on the Web  - Large, well organized list of links to everything Barbie on the web.

Briarberry Collection  - Manufacturer's information pages about Briarberry dolls. Includes games, coloring books and product information.

Debbie's American Girl Doll Page  - Includes pictures of Debbie's dolls and along with related information.

Keeping Ken  - Details, history, photographs, and news about KenŽ and other male fashion dolls.

Marilee's Paperdoll Page  - Three printable paperdolls, plus links to hundreds of other paperdolls that can be printed, downloaded, or played with on-line.

Original Paper Dolls by Cricket  - Two paper dolls with lots of clothing to print and cut out for hours of fun.

Polly Pocket  - Come and play with Polly Pocket in her real interactive world. Fun and games for all Polly Pocket fans.

Trollforest - Trolls from Trolldom  - A world of Troll characters, illustrated stories, comics, fun activities, Trolldom Newsletter, occasional contests and a cataloug of Trolls.

Official Furby Site    - The official Furby site of Tiger Electronics, Ltd. (makers of the Furby toy).

Furby Chronicles  - Well designed Furby site featuring desktop themes.

Furby Fun  - Find Furby FAQ's, updated news, and different Furby colour schemes.

Furby Gate  - Includes picture, news and rumours, information, and interactive fun.

Furby World  - Whether you want to know more about Furby, related products, or where to find them, you'll find your answer here.

Furtropolis  - Beautifully rendered 3-D graphics of Furby, merged with nice backgrounds. Features plenty of pictures, and up to date information on the Furby.

Furby Autopsy    - Step by step instructions on how to take your Furby apart. Detailed photos and descriptions of the internal workings.

Furby Hacked - Furby was finally hacked. This article explains how it happened and shows one potential use for the more versatile result.

Hack Furby - A site full of resources for learning more about the technical workings of Furby's infra-red port.

Hack Furby - Another Furby hacking site, and free e-mail forwarding as well.

Internet Info for Real People - Hacking Furby - How did Furby get to be so popular? Here is what is being done to reverse-engineer the little beast

Chris's K'Nex Web Site - Photographs of K'Nex projects.

Martin's K'Nex homepage - Homepage about K'Nex construction toys, includes a picture gallery, and links to more K'Nex sites.