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Appletalk fileServer for Linux - Netatalk installation guide to setting up Appletalk services on your Linux machine.

ATM on Linux - experimental release, which supports raw ATM connections and some basic IP over ATM. Preliminary signaling support is included in the latest release.

Acorn Machines Linux

Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE)

Acme Widgets - high performance Motif widgets

BIG-LINUX - issues and problems related to running server-class unix systems under Linux

Blue Moon Rendering Tools (BMRT) - RenderMan-compliant ray tracing and radiosity software.

Berlin Linux Users Group

Binghamton University's Linux Community (BLinC)

Brevard County Linux Users Group

BigCursor - a Big Cursor Font for X Window

Comp.os.linux.announce Repository

Creating local web Servers with Linux - Guide to setting up a local web server (including TCP/IP, name service, and http) on a Linux server connected by Ethernet to a client. Focuses on Linux servers and Mac clients

Chris Lawrence's Linux/m68k Page - Updated information on the port of the Linux operating system to the Escom Amiga, Atari ST/TT series, and Motorola VMEbus platforms.

CalLUG (UC Berkeley Linux Users Group) - Linux Users Group in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cornell Student Linux Users Group (CSLUG)

Deutsche Linux User Group (DELUG)


FAQs Linux (

FAQs Linux (RESUS)

FAQs Linux DOOM - What you really want to know.

FAQs Linux Meta-FAQ

FAQs Linux with Answers - the hypertext version and mirrors

Free Scientific Software Under Linux

Foreign-anguage-Sites Czech Linux

Foreign-anguage-Sites LDP [chile] - Linux Doc Project

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux - Viel Unix fŘr wenig Geld - Large Collection of Linux Documentation, Online HOWTO's, LDP-Books, ... (in German)

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux Anwenderhandbuch - an online German guide to the Linux system.

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux Linux Linux Linux ... - Quelques petites docs en franšais Ó propos de Linux et un tas de pointeurs ... En Francais.

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux System Page - a helper and advisor site in German.

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux UTFSM - Pagina Linux dedicada al mundo Latino.

Foreign-anguage-Sites Linux-WWW-sites all over the world - in German.

First Course in X Windows and Computer Graphics - Intro computer graphics course offered by the Schoolof Computing, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, is now available on-line.

Free Widget Foundation (FWF) - an international, volunteer effort to collect freely-redistributable graphical user-interface modules (widgets) for the X Window System

Gazette Linux - all the issues, starting with installing Linux and working upward from there. Contains tips for beginners and experts.

Golden Triangle Linux Users Group - The Golden Triangle Linux Users Group (GTLUG) is a growing group of people in the Golden Triangle, Mississippi, area who are interested in the Linux operating system.

Debian GNU/Linux - high-quality non-commercial Linux distribution. Free Software Foundation's Linux distribution.

How to Pronounce Linux - well, at least how Linus Torvalds pronounces it. .au format

Hamilton Linux Users Group - The newly forming Hamilton Linux Users Group!

Houston Linux Users Group - Formed in January 1995 to serve the Houston Linux community.

Hyper-X - High Performance X11 Server Software for the PC.

ISDN for Linux

Israeli Linux User List

Italian Linux Society

Index - Linux User Groups


linux- Lamers from linux. Also, semi-live feed from #linux when the admin feels like maintaining the link.

Linux - The free Unix clone - Linux Search Engine, Documentation (HOWTOs, FAQs, LDPs, etc.), Lists of WWW and FTP Servers, List of Programs, News

Linux [SoftForum] - Korean based site that provides the latest news and archives on Linux.

Linux Documentation Project

Linux for Hams - a full-featured Linux system with special additions for Amateur Radio

Linux HomeBoy - another collection of resources and links - the Linux Library and Linux Toybox live here, as does the Linux Gazette.

Linux International- late breaking news, a general introduction, Linux job ads, third party products and services. Also a list of mirror sites.

Linux Kernel Changes - from kernel version 1.1.13 to current.

Linux Organization - a not-for-profit group of linux-users whose goal is to centralize and organize communication between linux developers and users alike, as well as be a focal point for Linux information via FTP, Gopher, the World Wide Web.

Linux Organization [UK]

Linux Page Resus - in English and En Francais - general information, resources, indices of links.

Linux Publicity Project - resources to help publicize Linux or if you would like to help out with Linux publicity. DO NOT look here for software distribution or support.

Linux Source Navigator- view the source code to Linux in hypertext


Resus Linux

Linux Mailing Lists - subscribe and unsuscribe to different mailing lists right from the web page.

LinuxNET Hypermail Archives of Linux Developer Mailing Lists - hypermail archives of various mailing lists where Linux developers communicate.

Lista Linux en espanol - Lista Linux en espanol dedicada a discutir topicos relativos a linux (instalacion, parches, etc)

Linux and 3Com 3c59x Vortex Ethercards

Linux at CESDIS - networking related info.

Linux Mobile-IP - allows a portable computer to attach to the Internet from different networks without changing its IP address.

Linux Network Administrators' Guide, The - complete text online

Linux Networking News

Linux Security WWW - with alerts from the Linux Emergency Response Team.

Linux Services for Macintosh and Windows Users - describes software that will help Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux users interoperate together, including file, print, Internet, and FAX services.

LaptopsUnix:Linux:Support and Documentation

Linux User Group Austria

Linux User Group Rochester, NY

Linux Users of Victoria

Linux Users' Group (Singapore)

LUGOR Linux User's Group of Rochester

Microchannel Linux - port of Linux to the Microchannel Architecture.


Maximize Performance of X

Motif & The X Window System

ppp-2.2.0d - alternate location for latest ppp setup. You'll need this for the later kernels.

Linux 680x0 port

PowerPC Linux

PLUTO Linux User Group (Padua, Italy)

Portland Linux Users

Shadow Passwords - recipe style instructions for installing the shadow password package

SMC 8432 Etherpower - how to setup an SMC 8432/9432.

Linux Archive Search - Search the major linux software archive's and then simply select the closest mirror site to download from.

Shared Library Linux list - list of maintainers of ELF libraries.

Software for Scientists Linux - List of freely available software useful for scientists that will run on Linux systems.

Software Map Linux - descriptions of hundreds of publically available Linux software distributions

Smalltalk/X for Linux 1.1.*

Sunsite Linux FTP

Salt Lake Linux Users Group

Santa Cruz Linux Users Group

Silicon Valley Computer Society Linux Special Interest Group, San Jose, CA - Home page for San Jose, CA, Linux users group.

Southern Illinois Linux Users Group

St. Cloud Area Linux Users Group (SCALUG)

St. Louis Linux Users Group

Software for X

Sources of Information about X

Linux Toys

Tampa Bay Linux GNU Technical Society (TBLGNUTS) - A group of Linux fanatics who live in a really cool place with lots of water.

Texas A&M Linux Users Group - Linux users at Texas A&M

Tokyo Linux Users Group

Toronto Linux Users Group Online

The X Advisor

Thomas W÷erner X11 & Motif stuff

Usenet alt.os.linux

Usenet comp.os.linux.admin - Installing and administering Linux systems.

Usenet comp.os.linux.advocacy - Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.

Usenet comp.os.linux.announce - Announcements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)

Usenet comp.os.linux.answers - FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)

Usenet comp.os.linux.development - Ongoing work on the Linux operating system.

Usenet comp.os.linux.development.apps - Writing Linux applications, porting to Linux.

Usenet comp.os.linux.development.system - Linux kernels, device drivers, modules.

Usenet comp.os.linux.hardware - Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.

Usenet - Questions and advice about Linux.

Usenet comp.os.linux.misc - Linux-specific topics not covered by other groups.

Usenet comp.os.linux.networking - Networking and communications under Linux.

Usenet comp.os.linux.setup - Linux installation and system administration.

Usenet comp.os.linux.x - Linux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.

University of Central Florida Linux User Group

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

UTFSM User Group - Grupo de Trabajo Linux.

Videotext for Linux - Program to read, display & store videotext-pages under Linux

VXP System - Visual X windows Programming Interface.

Washington Area Linux User Group

West Hartford Linux User Group

WINTERP 2.0 - An interactive object-oriented user interface language for rapid prototyping, development and delivery of extensible applications with Motif GUIs and Xtango graphics/animation

X-windows User Groups

X-windows software

XFree86 Project,

X Advisor, The - An Online Magazine devoted to (you guessed it) X

X Consortium@

X Journal, The

X Window System Glossary - Official glossary of X Window System terminology.

X Windows/MOTIF Course Documentation (cardiff) - a course offered on X Windows.

X-Windows Disaster, The - How to make a 50-MIPS Workstation Run Like a 4.77MHz IBM PC

X11R5 Documentation - The X11R5 documentation has been html'ised and wais indexed.

X11R6 man pages


XPIP: X Portable Interface Package - An easy-to-learn GUI development tool for rapid interface prototyping

Xt man pages

Index - Major X Window System WWW Sites