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About Cocktails - Links to related sites, recipes and advice on liquor. Bulleitn board, chat room and a newsletter. - Links to official and unofficial sites celebrating the beers and liquors of Mexico.

Bacardi - Explore the rich history of this famous rum - the tale of a Cuban family of innovators, philanthropists, artists, politicians, and soldiers.

Becherovka - Czech liqueur created from an exotic assortment of herbs.

Captain Morgan - Product guide, news and competitions.

Clear Creek Distillery - A range of brandies made exclusively from Oregon fruit.

Cointreau - A unique spirit combined with the subtle harmony of bitter and sweet oranges.

Gin and Vodka Association - A non-profit and non-trading association dedicated to protecting and promoting the image of UK-produced gin and vodka at home and abroad.

Grand Marnier - Created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, and recognized the world over for its unique taste, distinctive packaging and prestigious image.

GranGala - Imported triple orange liqueur blended with natural oranges and VSOP Italian brandy.

Gregor Cognac - Discover the products of this house and buy them online.

Home Distillation - Instruments, knowledge, books, distributors, and links.

The Home Distillation Handbook - Describes how to make alcoholic spirits at home.

Illicit Distilling - A book showing how to make your own still, and distill your own liquor.

Licor 43 - Spanish liquor from an ancient formula.

The Liqueur Web - Information about liqueur making and links to more than 350 liqueur recipes.

4Liquor - Spirits, recipes, retailers, organizations and publications.

Make Your Own - Gin and vodka of the finest quality for about $1 per liter. A professional guide for amateur distillers.

Making Liquors - Recipes for making liquor and liqueurs at home.

Manguin - Eaux de Vie distilled by ancient methods in Avignon, France.

Ministry of Rum - Comprehensive information about rum and the distilleries where it's made. Links to other rum sites and a gift shop for Caribbean art and rum-related gifts.

Partyman - Genuine Swedish vodka, liqueur extracts, essences, and distillery yeast. International mail order catalog.

Stock - Products include brandy, vodka, grappa, limoncello, and other liqueurs.

Vintage Hallmark of St.James's - Rare and select liquor and wine sales in UK and USA.

WebTender - Searchable database of 2300 mixed drinks.