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Low Carbohydrate  

Against the Grain - The low-carb zone diet moves from fad to fixture. Time Magazine article. FAQ - USENET newsgroup's official frequently asked questions website for low-carb dieting. Questions, books, supplies, database containing participant results doing low-carb dieting & humor pages.

The Atkins Center - Official site of the Atkins Diet, a low-carb eating plan created by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. Overview of the plan, calendar of events, frequently asked questions.

Atkins Diet - Support Site - This site was created to offer support for those on the Atkins Diet. Atkins dieters can come and chat with others on the diet, ask questions and offer support.

CADIS - The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet Information and Support mailing list. Resources for anyone interested in the CAD (Carbohydrate Addict's Diet) approach to weight loss as defined by Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller.

The CarbCutter Life Style - The CarbCutter Life Style is an online diet complete with the world's first and only diet supplement for a low carb life style.

Carbohydrate Addicts' Network - Official site of Drs. Rachael and Richard Heller, creators of the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. Information on carbohydrate addiction, chat room, mailing list.

Carbohydrate Charts

Carbohydrates in Nutrition - The role of carbohydrates in diet and the problems that can result from excess carbohydrate comsumption.

Everyday Low Carb Cookery - Recipes for folks on low carbohydrate diets, diabetics, hypoglycemics, body builders, and those who need ketogenic foods to help keep them in ketosis.

Everything Atkins - Information pertaining to the Atkins Diet. Message board, chat, and references.

The Glycemic Index - A ranking of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose level. Gives listings for all of the different foods for which glycemic indexes have been published.

Glycemic Index Lists

Jeff's Low-Carb Lifestyle - Help, hints and recipes for those committed to eating a low carbohydrate diet.

Low Carb Cookbook - Many recipes, including vegetarian meals.

Low Carbohydrate FAQ - A beginner's guide to the most common questions appearing on low carbohydrate diet support forums.

Low Carbohydrate FAQ - Information on low carbohydrate diets, hyperinsulinemia, Syndrome X, hypoglycemia and the glycemic index.

The Low-Carb Diet Support Group - Free information for people interested in starting or maintaining a low-carb lifestyle.

LowCarb Ladies - Offering answers to questions regarding low carbohydrate dieting.

Paleolithic Diet Page - A page of annotated links to sites for the Paleolithic Diet, also called a hunter/gatherer diet.

Pam's Low Carb Pages - Frequently asked questions, recipes, product reviews, tips and hints, and a low-carb diary and before and after pictures of the author.

Protein Power - Official home of the Protein Power eating plan, created by Drs. Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades. Quarterly online magazine, tips, success stories.

Sugar - Provides support on reducing sugar or carbohydrate addictions, offers healthy low carbohydrate, higher protein diet for weight loss. Sugar-free recipes posted.

Sugar Busters - Eating plan that aims to control the production of insulin by eliminating refined sugars and refined carbohydrates.

A Taste of the Atkins Diet - Explanation of the Atkins diet and how it works. - Focusing on the Zone Diet. Information updated daily with feature articles, interviews and recipes. Also sells Zone Diet based products.