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Medical Dictionaries

AIDS 101 Glossary This is a comprehensive glossary of terms as they relate to the human body, treatments, medications and common medical terms that come up in the area of HIV and AIDS. This supplement to the AIDS 101 that you have just read includes terms commonly used as well as those less commonly used. In addition, treatments and medications that are used by the medical community, in research or as alternative treatments are mentioned. You must keep in mind that HIV/AIDS is an evolving disease. Information, approaches and strategies for treatments vary as effectiveness is noted. I have included a section for your own notes to modify this glossary for your own use and to share with others. Any treatment or medication mentioned is not an endorsement


Alzheimer's Disease Medical Glossary Lists the terms you'll need to know to understand this neurological disease.

Glossary of Oncology Terms Cancer Care explains terms related to cancer and cancer treatment.

MedicineNet Medical Dictionary list's discoveries, new developments, treatments, and health tips.

Pharmacy Tradenames

Pharmacy Tradenames details and all the info you ever needed.